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Round 3 – Sydney v GWS: Home Away from Home

“Swans – graceful and dignified, travelling in large flocks”– Brett Kirk


Graceful and dignified? Perhaps not. However, travelling in large flocks is something that my family has perfected. And so, for the 15th year, we again make the Sydney Cricket Ground our home away from home. This is firmly entrenched as an annual event, and just as our family grows, so does our passion for our team. As the Swanette and I depart our Hobart home, the excitement builds. We leave the Apple Isle as mum, dad, sisters, mates, nephews and nieces take to the road from the Apple City. We’ll all be together soon.


I’m one of four. We’re used to being together. As kids, we’d embark on many a family journey in the old faithful VW Kombi Van. We don’t travel together these days, but once a year, without fail, a weekend in old Sydney town brings with it another delightful opportunity for future reminiscence. Trips in The Kombi provided blissful memories of an adventurous upbringing, and as the Moores descend upon Moore Park for our yearly display of devotion to our beloved Swans, my thoughts often drift to these precious childhood moments.


Unlikely perhaps, but the Sydney Swans are the Kombi Vans of Footy: They’re iconic. They’re stylish. Dependable and sincere. They’re honourable, true-hearted and extraordinary. And for my family, they embody the unanimity felt when we’re together. The Kombi is one of the few cars in the pantheon of ‘true classics’, just as this current crop of Swannies are endeavouring to be.


This year, we’ve all agreed upon Round 3, against the Giants. The usual greeting point is arranged, and there’s a flurry of hugs and kisses, in a blur of red and white. This is a moment in time, which is so incredibly special each and every year. With a Bloods victory foremost in our thoughts, all 15 of our clan ramble through the gates of the grand old lady that is the glorious Sydney Cricket Ground, and boy, she feels like home.


There is nothing like the sea of red and white that fills the stands with like-minded souls. Immediately you can sense that the Bloods brethren are in adoration of our boys. Cheer, cheer the Red and the White is blasting through the speakers as we enter and join strangers in song. Great seats; we’re close to the action.


Four minutes into the match, young Isaac Heeney introduces himself to 30,000 Sydneysiders and believe me, we’re all very pleased to meet you, son. Snapping truly on his non-preferred, he provides a tantalising taste of what is to come. All day, a shock of blonde flashes across the famous SCG turf: tackling, chasing and snapping goals. My nephew and I think he’s a keeper. When Big Joe and Little Joe agree on such matters, it’s official.


If Dad was the Captain of the Kombi, then Joey Kennedy is firmly entrenched at the wheel of this well-oiled midfield machine. And today, we appear to be fueled by a renewed vigour. It is clear that for this derby, we have a steely edge to our performance. D. Hannebery is a rare gem. A running machine who plays with extraordinary heart, he personifies what this team is all about. Extreme effort topped off by a touch of class. And this touch of class wears No. 23. Buddy is everyone’s buddy in Sydney. You can feel it in the stands. Watching this mesmerizing combination of size, strength, power and speed from the fifth row back from the fence is a privileged position indeed. Wow. Just wow.


The Enemy, our cross-town rivals, are developing a hard-nosed approach to their footy, and although they are in the embryonic stage, they impress. But this is place is a fortress, and our team is tough. It is not yet their time. Cameron looks dangerous and Palmer is making a mockery of my armchair criticism. But Macca and Kizza are now true leaders of this footy team and both lead the way. Rhyce and Reg are directing from the back, and our efficiency with the footy is exceptional.


In the second term, a scuffle occurs in the centre-square and Kizza’s on the deck. So is Mummy. There’s a bitter rivalry building before our very eyes, as the combatants get physical. Mummy’s in the thick of it, and although he’s on the opposition now, we’d all love to have him back. Not for the first time in my life I’m embarrassingly contemplating how much ‘I miss my Mummy’.


Ah, family and footy. It doesn’t get much better than this. Adorable kids, all decked out in red and white. Priceless moments with a family divided by distance but united by love, a rare opportunity for a beer with my best mate and the indomitable Bloods just doing what they do. Does it get better than this? The sight of Jets in full flight, gliding his way across the luscious lime lawn, prompts me to think not. Such grace is a joy to behold.


The Enemy won’t go away, and the margin hovers around the three-to-four goal mark for the majority of the second half. And in a terrific team performance, Hanners wins Kirky’s medal from many other worthy recipients. The siren sounds, the song is sung and this is a scene of blessed jubilance. If I could freeze time now, I would.


Following kick-to-kick, we travel by foot, arm in arm and resplendent in victorious splendor, as we retire to our hired apartments for take-away, tall tales and a tipple or two. The togetherness and unspoken love that is felt by all make this annual gathering a thing of rare beauty, which will remain forever cherished. And soulfully, at the heart of it all, hosting from our home away from home, are the mighty Sydney Swans. Our Swans. Cheer, cheer forever Moore.


Sydney 4.3    10.6    14.12    16.15 (111)

GWS     1.6     3.13     7.15     12.18 (90)


Sydney: Franklin 5, Heeney 4, Parker 2, McGlynn, Jetta, Jack, Hannebery, Bird

GWS: Palmer 3, McCarthy 2, Cameron 2, Whitfield, Ward, Scully, Griffen, Coniglio

Our Votes:

3 – Dan Hannebery (Sydney)

2 – Buddy Franklin (Sydney)

1 – Rhyce Shaw (Sydney)

Umpires: Rosebury, Findlay, Ryan

Crowd: 31, 966 at SCG.

About Joe Moore

Learned the art of the drop-punt from Derek Kickett as Jamie Lawson watched on. And thus, a Swan for life. @joedmoore1979


  1. Keiran Croker says

    Sounds like a great weekend Joe. Good game, good performance, Giants good. Buddy brilliant! Heens is something special ….. And great write up.

  2. Joe Moore says

    Thanks Keiran.

    Magic weekend and a really enjoyable game of footy. Great atmosphere, just love the SCG.

    Heeney is beyond exciting. Settle in and enjoy for a long time to come! And we are so very lucky to have Buddy as one of ours.

  3. Luke Reynolds says

    Sounds like a great trip Joe. Well done on getting this published on the Swans website!

  4. Joe Moore says

    Thanks Luke. A true highlight of my year, every year. There are a few of us knackers involved with the Swans website this year. Great fun.

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