Round 23 – Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Week 3 of Collingwood’s 2016 Pre-Season

True Believers.  Greetings to all.


Our last game this year; our third 2016 pre-season game.  Between the two Pies’ sides (AFL and VFL) I think there is a lot to look forward too.  I hope others, particularly in the Pies’ camp, are also seeing this.  My concern over the second half of this season has been a lack of recognition of the need for change, and demonstration of resulting innovation, in the Game Plan, and selections to match. And how do we feel with the finish of our season?  See the attached.  Your views?



Collingwood v Essendon.
Sunday, 6 September at the MCG;



12th versus 15th. Betting: $1.24 vs $4.15.  Yep, we are the Favourites, by a country mile.  Rohan Connolly will probably pick us, too (bugger).

Them.  Essendon, in addition to (or maybe as a consequence of) their “drugs saga”, have had an awful season.  And they don’t have a real coach now. They are 5:16 (compared with our 10:11) and, though they were on a bit of a roll early on (in Rounds 2, 3, 5 and 8 (even beating Hawthorn)),  their only other Win was back in Round 15. Their percentage is a pretty appalling 72.7 (compared with our 106.8).  With a loss to us here, they are in danger of achieving their worst place ever.  And they’ll be without Dempsey for ‘that’ tackle (4 weeks); and no Chapman, Watson, Colyer, and Bellchambers from the last meeting.  Watch for McKernan in the ruck, Kyle Langford (back from their VFL side) at CHF and Hurley in defence.  Also Dustin Fletcher may come back as a farewell present. My Essendon-supporting colleague who provided such comprehensive comment when we met earlier in the season said “Go away (those weren’t his exact words, but that was the meaning); we’ve finished for the season“.  Thanks, Phil!

US:  With the VFL side heading into the Finals, I would caution against using this opportunity to ‘blood’ new talent.  As such, I think we are largely limited to last week’s team, with the possible addition of Trav (wait and see).  Actually I think it would be very interesting to see how our access to goal would work with Trav in place. They showed last week that they could work without a FF (yes, a very catty comment, I know), so how about using Trav at CHF?  Pendles into the HB Line was a huge success last week.  We’ll miss Swanny up Forward but it opens an opportunity.  Last week’s game showed a ‘spirit’ that we hadn’t see too often.  Let’s see it again to check it wasn’t an accident.  Oh yeah, and ‘ferocity’.



The Match Centre is already up and running;

Teams.  Thursday night, after 6.00pm.

Weather.  Mostly sunny, but windy.  7 – 15 deg.  Spring in Melbourne.

My picks. Pies by 43 points.  BOG: Sidebottom; Trav – 6 goals; Fasolo – 5.  Your picks?

The AFL site doesn’t have any detail on Free to Air coverage, presumably because of the delay in decisions relating to where and when for the Final Round.  The TV Guide, however, has ‘Melbourne vs GWS’ from 1.00 on 7mate.  Not sure if they will roll on with our game from 3.20pm – no, it appears Seinfeld is on from 4.00pm?  ‘Find a friend’ with Fox.



‘Eddie Watch’:  Quiet;

Team of the Week for round 22: Congratulations to Pendles (picked on the HB Line; haven’t seen him picked there before), Grundy and Adams for being selected.  I would add that I think DeGoey was probably unlucky not to be selected too, but it would be difficult to pick two Mids from the same team;

VFL:  A hard-fought win last week against Port Melbourne. Interesting to see the names Monkhurst and Pendlebury appearing amongst the Best. Caff (24 disposals) survived another game. Our VFL side head into an Elimination Final against Werribee on Saturday at North Port Oval (I looked it up: It’s the old Port Melbourne Cricket Ground between Williamstown Rd and Ingles St in Port Melbourne); bounce at 12.10pm.  As per my comments above, I expect that the team will be largely left alone so as to give it the best chance.  Should be a good opportunity to watch some future Pies’ stars;

Trades:  Who do you think we should be after?  Or to fill what positions?  I actually don’t think we need any more Midfielders, right now with the ‘up and comers’ we have, but Treloar is getting a bit of a profile.  I’ve seen some comment that it’d be nice to get the other Reid; not sure where we’d put him – the Forward Line is looking pretty full.  I don’t think we need any new ‘mature’ players; we should use our picks wisely to get the youngsters who can be developed and Trav traded? I concur with Buck’s comment.  And if you are interested, the Trade program looks something like this:

– Friday 9 October – AFL Restricted Free Agency Offer and Unrestricted Free Agency Period Commences;

– Monday 12 October 10am – NAB AFL Trade Period Commences;

– Sunday 18 October 5pm – Close of AFL Restricted Free Agency Offer and Unrestricted Free Agency Period;

– Wednesday 21 October – AFL Restricted Free Agency Matching Offer 3 Day Period Ends;

–  Thursday 22 October 2pm – NAB AFL Trade Period Closes;



–  Friday 27 November 11am – NAB AFL Pre-Season Draft Selection Meeting;

–  Friday 27 November 11:05am – Notification of Pre-Selected Rookies if not selected in the Pre-Season Draft;

–  Friday 27 November 11:10am – NAB AFL Rookie Draft Selection Meeting;

Joffa’s handbag:  A few of our number (Gen, Dec and me) met Joffa in Sydney a year or two back – a very engaging gentleman, more than happy to have a few ‘selfies’ with we mere mortals.  Will someone pls explain to me the significance of the handbag?  Thanks;

Umps:  Only in Australia would we all think that OPSM sponsoring our umpires is hilarious; a delicious irony.  This week: wearing ‘blue’. I’d still like to see them walk on with canes.


And other things to do in the ‘bad times’?  Suggestions include :

– Rugger World Cup.  Not sure if it’s going to be on Free to Air.  Anyone know?

– Christmas shopping – less than three months to Christmas;

– Other AFL – okay, a silly suggestion;

– Watch with mild interest what happens at Essendon and Carlton; any others?  This Essendon summary is worth a read;

– Watch Jarryd Hayne’s future with the SF49’ers evolve.

Your suggestions?


Go Pies.  Believe – another step towards the 2016 Premiership.




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