Round 15 – Melbourne v St Kilda: My Saints Family

Sunday the 1st July, I was instructed, was to be my day off. Working two jobs, raising three kids and attempting to run a household is as crazy & demanding as you’re imagining. Not much “Me” time.


Mrs C (My Mum) and one of my brothers had arranged for us to go and support the Saints against Melbourne, a game that would feature my youngest brother running the boundary, kid & husband free. Sounded fantastic.


It was Mrs C that introduced me to the Saints, bundling up myself and my three brothers to see her beloved team at Moorabbin in the 1980’s. Fond memories of red, white & black steamers in my hair, ridiculously big flags, making sure my younger brother (the AFL boundary umpire) didn’t get lost and sometimes being a little bit scared of my caring Mum who suddenly turned into some crazy supporter, abusing the umpire and yelling at the opposition supporters as soon as the ball was bounced! I think they call it passionate.


The day runs smoothly. One small bag packed in record time. An easy, straightforward trip to the ‘G. Fantastic seats in the lower level of the Great Southern Stand, with a close view of the players and my younger brother umpiring. As I continue to enjoy my day off though something doesn’t feel right, something is lacking. I can’t be missing getting up hours before we leave to make sure everything is ready, kids fighting in the car, hubby turning up the radio to drain out the kids fighting, lugging around a food bag, nappy bag, toys, making sure we sit near a toilet, sitting in amongst certain children so they don’t fight, making sure everyone is happy.


No I’m here soaking up some rays and reacquainting myself with the Saints. I get immersed in the game, enjoy watching Jade Gresham sprint the ball from the ruck to the goal square, agreeing with my brother and Mrs C’s theory that Jack Steven isn’t 100% fit and that David Armitage’s back is severely restricting him. We agree that kicking the ball is far more effective than handballing and are very happy with our leads at the end of each quarter. I ponder what does “BALL” really mean? Everyone yells it out for completely different reasons. I even smile each time the Melbourne supporter behind us yells at Jordan Lewis (He clearly wasn’t a fan, I started to feel quite sorry for Lewis by the end of the match).


But, as I am watching the Auskickers at half time, it dawns on me what is missing. It’s Josh, my second son. He sleeps, breathes, dreams footy and was a little put out that he wasn’t invited. He doesn’t only watch Collingwood, he watches everything football. Knows all of the players in all of the teams. On Friday night somehow we got stuck watching Vic Country versus Western Australia Under 18’s on Fox Footy, that’s how much he loves footy.


So as much as I wanted a day off being a Mum, I just couldn’t. Once you have a tradition of going to the footy as a family, it just cant be shaken. Then I realise that today myself and my brothers are part of Mrs C’s tradition. We are back together, back supporting her Saints and I relax. Today I am the child, going to the footy with her Mum, making special family memories. I didn’t have the streamers or the big flags, but I did have the Mum who became a one eyed passionate supporter as soon as the ball was bounced.


Two minutes to go, 14 points up, we’re comfortable that the Saints have got this. So are the many Demon fans making a hasty exit. Jesse Hogan gets a free (what was that for?!!) and goals, Jordan Lewis then goals quickly after, receiving no praise from his biggest critic, that Demon supporter sitting right behind us. Now I’m nervous. Mrs C is animated and agitated. Jack Steven, thumping the ball forward, followed by making sure it crosses the boundary, ensures Melbourne run out of time and the Saints hold on for a deserved win. Yeeessssss!


The two point win was too close, but singing the song with Mum was great fun and bringing home pizza for tea smoothed things over with Josh. Phew!



MELBOURNE               4.2       9.3       11.6     18.9 (117)
ST KILDA                     4.3       11.6     14.10   18.11 (119)



Melbourne: Fritsch 4, Harmes 3, Hogan 3, Brayshaw 2, Petracca, Tyson, T.McDonald, Neal-Bullen, Melksham, Lewis
St Kilda: Gresham 4, Membrey 4, McCartin 2, Savage, Steele, Clark, Newnes, Armitage, Billings, Battle, Steven



Melbourne: Gawn, Brayshaw, Harmes, Viney
St Kilda: Carlisle, Steven, Billings, Gresham, Sinclair, Steele, Armitage


Umpires: Deboy, Gavine, Pannell
Coote, Scully, Roberts, Dineen
Edwards, Ensbey


Official crowd: 38,910 at the MCG



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  1. ELIZABETH fryers says

    The Reynolds family you are so clever with your posts glad you had a great day Debra

  2. Usual great story Deb you will be up to writing a book when the kids leave home?

  3. Guru Gus says

    Terrific day for all Saints fans. Where has that been all year ? Great to see the young blokes progressing, and Paddy played close to his best game for us. Should have have got 4 as well. I was in the MCC Members, which surprisingly had a strong contingent of our mob there.

  4. Luke Reynolds says

    Glad you had a well deserved child-free day at the footy Mrs R.
    Was a very entertaining game to watch at home, would have been grossly unfair had Melbourne got up.
    Thanks for the pizza!

  5. Great write-up, Mrs R.
    And a lovely winners’ pic.

  6. Rulebook says

    Great stuff Mrs R and surely Luke has never turned up the radio to drown out the kids.On a serious note you bought back some pleasant memories of my late brother in laws boundary umpiring career

  7. Thanks for your kind words everyone! Go Saints!

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