Nicky Winmar Statue Pozible Campaign

By Alex Wadelton


Help make Nicky Winmar’s iconic stance stand forever.


Next year will be the twenty-fifth anniversary of the moment that Nicky Winmar put racism in Australia on notice.


The iconic image, captured by photographer Wayne Ludbey, of Winmar defiantly standing up to racist abuse by pointing at the colour of his skin and declaring, “I’m black and I’m proud” is seen as a pivotal point in race relations in Australia.


Not just on the footy field, but in mainstream modern Australian society.


It’s the moment that the old edict of “what happens on the ground, stays on the ground” ended. That no longer could racist taunts be used as a means to gain an advantage. Since then the nation has come so far in race relations, and the AFL has helped educate the masses on what is acceptable.


You only have to see the anticipation that Dreamtime at the G draws each year to see how far we have come in understanding that everyone deserves respect, and that our indigenous culture should be celebrated, and not denigrated.


That’s why it seems fitting that a bronzed sculpture of Winmar’s defiant stance should be created, so generations to come can learn from his lesson.



To make this a reality, a crowdfunding campaign has been set up to raise the more than $150,000 required to construct a more than life size replica of Winmar in bronze.


Just go to and you can pledge your support. Some of the incentives on offer include:

  • Get your name on the plinth that stands below Winmar. A mark that will last forever.
  • Receive a signed photograph of the original photo, signed by Wayne Ludbey himself.
  • Get an invite to the official unveiling.


What Winmar did that day was all about respect.


Now, it’s time for Australia to show the respect to Nicky, that he unlocked in us that day.


If the Footy Almanac community can get behind this project, it would be fitting. As the Almanackers are all drawn together with a common love for freedom of expression around the greatest sport in the world.


Let’s make this happen.





  1. A great initiative, Alex

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