My footy Cinderella moment – aka “The Launch”

The Melbourne launch for the Almanac was like a celebrity event, like the Brownlow minus the huge amount of AFL stars, but still it turned out to be a great night.

The hectic run home after a day of 3 exams had me running around the house, half dressed, hair straightener in hand while everyone tried to stay out of my way.

This was kind of going to be my footy Cinderella moment I guess.

I guessed wrong, although I did almost lose my shoe!

I had not even walked into the room and already I had managed to embarrass myself!

Lets just say it didn’t end up being like the time I walked into JB-HIFI, when the gust of wind from the air-con  blew my hair like a shampoo commercial, causing the guy in the laptop section to smirk and giving me a top-notch entrance.

To cut the story short my heel got stuck in the brick step thingo that separated the beer garden from the carpet where the launch was held.

This happened right in view of a few people, one being Mr. Josh Barnstable who like the others didn’t notice, thank goodness.

My uncle had obviously thought nerves had got the better of me because he had stepped into the carpeted area and I was plastered on the equator that separated it from the beer garden.

Elie- “Come on”

ME: “yeah…my heel is stuck!”

Elie: “hahhahha!!”

After that problem was sorted I socialized with many Almanackers. To name a few, Ms. Sherpa, Mr. Starkie and then I finally met Mr. John Harms.

Mr. Barnstable who seemed too shy had me make the first move and I introduced myself to him and his lovely family. Little did I know that he was texting Mr. Healy to hurry up and get to the launch so they could conduct plans on how to ‘break the ice’ and gain world domination, just kidding about the world domination part!

Must admit I got a bit lonely because Mr. Barnstable was too shy to say much and Mr. Healy who had arrived for a few minutes also didn’t have the urge to come over. It was quite funny because they were both looking my way and saying very little to each other. Shyness had got the better of us all and so once again, I found myself doing the honours and shaking hands with Mr. Healy. I didn’t see Mr. Watson or Mr. Allan’s elegant arrival but I’m sure neither of them had heel problems! As the room filled with more people I noticed that I was a tad over-dressed. I couldn’t have worn my guernsey even if I wanted to; no way was I going to wear my long sleeve Collingwood gersey in that heat! Plus the dress I bought had the right colours and I even pinned a small Collingwood badge on the strap. Ohhhh and I have to mention that cute waiter dude, who looked like a darker version of Leonardo DiCaprio, you know the dude handing out the finger food!

The fellas had now formed a small circle and were occasionally glancing over, obviously they were trying to figure out which one of them was going to do the talking and ask me if I wanted to have a kick. Mr. Healy did the deed with the rest of them walking over for moral support. I declined the offer because I had already had trouble with the heels on cement so imagine me on grass kicking a footy, I don’t think so!

The boys came back with I think it was Mr. Allan who forced a handshake out of me. Lol only joking! Those are his words.

In our conversations I mentioned numerous times that I wanted to get up on stage and sing and Mr. Allan was the most talkative from the boys, although it was pretty loud and some of the conversation went like this.

ME: “you don’t look like Linggy!!”

MR. Allan: “what!!!!???


MR. Allan:  “OHH I thought you said I didn’t look like my book photo!”

I then met Gigs, which was pretty exciting, the man behind the complicated mathematical stuff that would leave me in tears if I had to figure it out! Of course I didn’t know it was Gigs until he introduced himself. “Where’s Wally?” had turned into “Where’s Daffey?” as the boys and I broke silence asking if any of us had seen Paul yet.

Mr. Harms and Mr.Daffey whom I didn’t recognize because of his shorter hair, which looks much better short, said their entertaining speeches.

One of which mentioned COLIN FIRTH! This caused the boys to automatically look over at me as I smiled and tried to contain myself from yelling “WOOOOOOOOOO COLIN FIRTTTHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”

We also get a shout out on the mic which makes us even more embarrassed, if that’s possible, than before. The boys all go red and I just glance at the carpet thinking- ahh! Omg! Lol. Michael took the shout-out as a signal to lean over to me and say “FAB FIVE” in a very Italian Mafia accent!

I can’t not mention the ….interesting…speech made by Anson Cameron.

Funny, cheeky and a little bit weird would be a good way to describe it.

After getting the autographs of the fellas (which should come in as handy when we all become famous) – oh by the way BOYS YOUR HANDWRITTING IS TERRIBLE!

I left early because I had some media revision for the next day which was the exam.

Overall an action packed Cinderella footy moment that I will never forget.

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Couldn’t resist not correcting this bit, Danni: “BOYS YOUR HANDWRITTING IS TERRIBLE!”


    GIRL, YOUR SPELLING (or your spellchecker) IS AWFUL!

  2. lol gigs! didnt you read this before you posted it!!!????

  3. Yeah, I did, Danni. But I wasn’t gonna miss out on making that comment! (I fixed all your other errors, though. No wonder I’m so tired…)

  4. yes ill bet the day dreaming of Colin Firth took a lot out of you! LMAOO!

  5. Haha lol that’s gold Gigs!

  6. Colin Firth – good looking, smart… ah, so that’s why girls call me “Mr. Darcy”… ;-)

  7. …i thought it was Mr.Gigs?

    i was watching Pride and Prejudice the other day! :)
    and in saying that the finger food waiter was MORE THAN ‘tolerable!” :)

  8. Gigs, since you love me the most out of the Fab 5, you should put up my new article ;)

  9. That’s where me and Colin differ – most people (especially Spencer, my 12yo son) find my bad jokes INTOLERABLE…

  10. nahhhahhh!! josh!!

  11. Now, now, boys and girls. There’s plenty of Gigs to go round. Although I’ve dropped 10kg in the last year.

    Josh, your piece is coming. It’s just running fashionably late.

  12. Oh ok fair enough. What’s your opinion on Brad Johnson possibly going on for two more years and breaking KB’s record of 403 matches?

  13. Josh, right now I’d say he’s a good show. He got bagged a bit last year by some, but he was great in all areas apart from missing a few easy goals. (Yes, especially the Geelong one.) But he was running all over the ground and was very constructive. Didn’t seem to have lost any pace.

    The only doubt would be injury. Scott West hardly missed a game but that last injury killed is career in a flash.

    I say to Johnno, go for KB and then set your sights on Tucky!

  14. I think he could play on for another 3 years, but in those years, play him in small spurts off the bench and use him as an on-field coach. The Doggies always listen when Johnno is around

  15. Steve Healy says

    Hopefully the Dogs make the semi and make the grand final in one of the next two seasons so Johnno can reach 400 in the 2011 GF

  16. running fashionably late?
    not in heels i hope!

    forget Brad Johnson! lets talk Shaun Higgins!! :)

  17. gigs, how did u lose ten kilos?
    id love to lose atleast 5!!

  18. Steve Healy says

    I’ve just hit a milestone of 60 kilos! At my Grandma’s house I was anyway.

    I’ve probably gained about 8-10 kilos in 6 months, and that many centremetres as well.

  19. nawww my steve is growing up!! :(

  20. Steve Healy says

    Yes your Steve is growing up. :)

  21. Danni, i asked my Mum today about that Manu bloke that you and Hayley are obsessed with.

    “Oh he’s so gorgeous!!”

    I walked out of the room after that

  22. LMAOOO!!!
    MANU!!!!! :)
    see i told you !!!
    i know my pretty guys when i see em!!
    :) heheheh
    gorgeous is right!! :)

  23. Steve Healy says

    The Manuism must run in your family Josh. You’re next!

  24. Haha no way, maybe my brother since he’s gay :) (not really btw)

    Lol she said that you have a good taste in men Danni

  25. Steve Healy says

    Was that meant to be a pun cos he’s a chef?

  26. Oh…no lol but thanks for pointing that out Steve!

  27. lmaoo yeah see i knew that! :)
    wheres michael to hear this now?
    i remember his making a claim about my pretty list and people i say to be pretty that he thinks other girls wouldnt rate.
    :) ohh add Curtis Stone TO THE pretty Chef list next to Manu! :)

  28. Steve Healy says

    I’m not a fan of chef’s, all of them are the same. Angry, bossy and up themselves

  29. they ARE NOT!!
    I LOVE EMM!! And they make food!! FOOD!! :)
    IM STILL CUT about Andre not winning MasterChef!! :(

  30. btw yes thats the guy the Andre part of my kid’s name comes from! :)

  31. Andre? He was terrible lol. But then again, Julie wasn’t the best and she still won

  32. Oh? I thought that was Andre Agasssi

  33. andre wasnt terrible! :(
    i cried when he left the show!! :(
    im not joking…

    lol no not, andre agasssii
    Andre- chef
    Federer- tennis champ
    Darcy- Colin firth

  34. Andre was the worst one of the top 5 or top 4 or what ever he got to.

  35. steve, why is it that you hate everyone i love!?

  36. Lol my favourite from Masterchef was Tom

  37. That guy named Sam lives really close to me

  38. omgg what about JOSH? the fishguy??
    he was cuteee!! :)
    i liked Josh and Andre

  39. I dunno Danni you do love Jurrah don’t you?

  40. NO!!!!!

  41. :(

  42. I dont even like Watts!
    his hairdresser is in big trouble!!

  43. I didnt like Sam of M/C. His smile scared me, it was so evil..

  44. lmaoo josh!!
    he seems like a nice person though.
    well gtg, school 2mro after 4 days at home..
    ‘yay……’ (note the sarcasim)

    Nite :)

  45. I’ve gotta go as well

  46. Pamela Sherpa says

    Danielle- you didn’t look flustered when you walked in. Very nice dress I might add. It was nice to meet you anyway.

  47. LOL likewise Pamela, great to meet you too! :)
    haha! well im glad i didnt look flustered on the outside because it was quiet the opposite! :)

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