Mayweather v Pacquiao – May 2, 2015: Right here! Right now!

Let’s get Ready to Rumble!
It’s Showtime!
Two of sports’ most recognisable catchphrases and boxing’s undisputed champions of introduction, will both be heard in a Las Vegas ring, inside the MGM Grand on May 2 (afternoon of May 3 Australian time).

For the longest time … up until as little as a week ago, there was still real doubt whether boxing’s ultimate storyline of this generation would be played out anywhere but fans’ imaginations.

While not alone in this regard, boxing has indelible form in disappointing such sky-high expectations. Usually with the dark intentionality of the macabre and the willfully obtuse.

A specific reminder of exactly such a failure of ultimate storyline consumation isn’t even three weeks old yet. Sports fans likely don’t need reminding. Seattle Seahawks fans certainly wouldn’t want reminding, but …

Every element was there to be turned into storied fable. Sporting folklore.

And Seattle CHOSE NOT TO.

Any boxing fan watching that Superbowl Sunday, whether they had a rooting interest or not, would’ve felt that familiar mule-kick to the guts they’ve experienced so many times before.

We know how it feels to see the obvious next steps in a choreographed dance of manifest destiny, be deliberately NOT TAKEN.

You’ve got a minute to play. You’re inside the 5-yard line. You’ve got the player with the most Touchdowns this season and three Downs (attempts) to engage his patented Beast Mode™ for a Touchdown, and the lead, deep into ‘time-on’ of the Championship Game.

You CHOOSE to give Marshawn Lynch the ball!

Like you’ve done all year, you pound in a critical score and then rely on your vaunted Defence to meet expectations. Want more? For added spice, they will be doing it against the most successful Quarterback of this era, who will be desperately seeking to arrest a prospective tide of three defeats in his last three Superbowl appearances, after winning his first three.

The ultimate story writes itself with the timing of an atomic clock.


You CHOOSE to go another way!?

Welcome to the ‘Ways & Means’ of boxing’s administrative boulevard of broken dreams. Since the North American winter of 2009/10, boxing’s one remaining bona-fide Superfight of this generation, Mayweather-Pacquiao, has been stuck in a ‘wrong-way’ traffic jam on boxing’s ‘one-way lane’ to greatness.

At various times over the last five plus years, someone, somewhere, for a mixture of reasons – from the spurious to the authentic -BOTH sides of the negotiation have CHOSEN to deviate from the obvious path to boxing nirvana.

Until this weekend, if they had been making a movie instead of trying to make a fight, you would have said they were heading down the foggy path of ‘The Phantom Menace’ instead of clear sailing down the obvious canal of ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’.

Until now.

No more. It’s here. May 2. Mayweather-Pacquiao.

There are of course minutae – Are there Ever! – historical, personal, professional, promotional, economical. They don’t matter now.


The fight is signed. Sealed … a touch of apprehension electrifies the hair on the back of the neck as I consider the reality that until the bell rings on May 2, Mayweather-Pacquiao remains undelivered.

Doomsday Soothsaying aside though, the ultimate choice has finally been made. The best fighters. The best fight. The right time? No time like the present.

Mayweather-Pacquiao on May 2, for all the boxing marbles. And a few general sporting ones too.


  1. G’day grigor, one gets the feeling this encounter is about 5 years late. Mayweather is a fighter in a league of his own, with the expectation he will be too sharp for an ageing Pacquiao. I may be wrong but I will be surprised if Mayweather does not win; inside the distance. Too great pugs, but i’d loved to have seen this bout 2009-10.

    Glen !

  2. I’m not as excited about this fight as I should be – yet.
    Yes, it’s five years late, so both men are past their peak.
    By waiting this long, they’ve ensured a massive purse, the kind of money that’s just plain ridiculous.
    I can’t pick against Mayweather.
    He’s the most sublime fighter I’ve seen. His anticipation is amazing. He’s unfussed, unhurried and deadly accurate.
    He’s also a light hitter, without one-punch knockout power.
    And Manny isn’t the kind of fighter to box and move.
    He’ll swing from the hip and try to knock Mayweather out.
    That will leave him vulnerable.
    And Manny has been knocked out before.
    But, Mayweather has never fought anyone like Pacquiao.
    The only person who fights like Pacquiao is Manny.
    And that gives him a punchers chance.

  3. Gregor Lewis says

    Interesting points lads.
    Glen, I can understand your logic in predicting a Mayweather KO, but I can’t support it.
    Mayweather’s only KO win since Hatton fight was against Victor Ortiz on a sucker-punch.
    People say Manny hasn’t had KO for even longer, but look who he’s fought.
    Clottey, Margarito, Mosley, Rios, Marquez,
    How many times in their careers have these men been KO’d?
    Once – Mosley beat down a ‘cheating’, ‘dead-on-his-feet victim, Margarito.

    Pacquiao had a chance to stop Margarito in Rd5 of their fight, after smashing his face in, around his orbital bone. But he realised the danger Margarito was in & changed his point of attack before coasting to victory because the ref was too ‘brave’ on Margarito’s behalf.

    Manny put his last opponent down six times (might have even been seven). His power is undiminished. Situation changed, is all.

    In a ‘league’ sport, I would agree with you both. Five years ago when everything bar the drug testing had been agreed to, was an ideal time for this fight to happen. The logical impetus and performance momentum was as hot as it could be.

    Mayweather ending his brief ‘retirement’ had his first ‘million-PPV-buys’ performance as the ‘A’ side, and looked as good as ever dominating Pacquiao’s nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez. Pac was coming off a 12 month run of destruction over De La Hoya, Hatton & Cotto.

    The opportunity was there for a modern day Superfight Franchise – The Trilogy.

    Didn’t happen. Physical peaks have become valleys & plateaus for both fighters. Manny moreso, especially in terms of results.

    But while the logical competitive momentum has been killed dead & deader, the desire to see these two fight has paradoxically grown … EXACTLY the way you describe Matt.

    Eventually giving fans what they want, but fuelled more now by the 5+ years of outside-the-ropes soap opera & shenanigans, this storied matchup has built a pop-culture momentum that has replaced & far surpassed even, what was building originally in 2009/10.

    As you say Matt. The money generated here figures to be of ‘budget black-hole filling proportions’ … relatively speaking.

    As I wrote above. Signed; Sealed … Here’s hoping they deliver on a Sunday afternoon (for us) in May.

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