Magpies scrape win as Danni dominates dancefloor

Every Thursday I have that same after school routine.

As soon as it hits 5:00pm I drop the newly started homework, get onto the Collingwood website to see the team selection and I hold my breath.

*pages loads*

I look up and the selection section of the website catches my eye and there he is….



-Collingwood has made three changes ahead of Saturday night’s clash against Adelaide with John Anthony, Luke Ball and Tyson Goldsack returning to the side.


Indeed the STUNNING, GORGEOUS, AMAZING, LOVE OF MY LIFE number nine is named for the team, finally something good happens to me.

First off, I’ve been stressed out, very emotional…too emotional, have not been sleeping well, not eating much, feeling faint most of the time and I’ve got the runny nose too.

Then I go and LOSE my lit novel, which I NEED! I have no idea where it is, unless it grew legs and ran away!

So as you can see my week so far has been…dashing but Jack’s return has brightened my mood.

My business teacher however causes me to hide inside my textbook so I can get away from his- “Jack will be at Gold coast for SURE, they’d be stupid not to chase him.”

“Looks like you’ll need a yellow GC jumper soon since Jacks going there.”

And most recently- “so have you sent a goodbye card to jack yet?  Since it will be his last game”

To this is I had to reply-


Everyone knows Jack needs a good game because Mick won’t be shy in dropping him.

Even channel ten knows, as I scramble to get ready for my cousins’ 16th birthday party they show the moment that I have watched gazillion times if not more, the Jack Anthony sealer against the Crows.

As the footy leaves his hand, drooping to his boot I match the commentator in sync with the quote that is close to my heart-

“Hope in his heart, dreams in his head, JACK ANTHONY….”

My eyes start to water.

Oh great; this will really stuff up my makeup now! I can’t help it; it’s just such a graceful and defining moment, I always get so emotional watching it. It was the moment that I chose to finally after 17 years get a number on my jumper, Jack’s number nine.

They cross back to the training and I take in the image of Jack on the screen, the beautiful but bold number nine etched on his back, it just makes me cry even more.

I can’t lose him, I just can’t.

I run in and out of the room gathering my clothes, this is where the skill of multitasking is an advantage.

The Crows score the first as I wrestle with my stockings.

Daisy returns the favor and I curse at the election stats on the bottom of the screen, they are ruining my footy viewing experience! Why isn’t there an AFL party to vote for?

Crows score again after a Collingwood boo-boo meanwhile I’m trying to reach behind the bed  to grab the coat hanger that fell after I had thrown it a tad too far.

The night doesn’t seem to get better as Beamsy misses, Henderson goals for Adelaide and I can’t seem to find the gel cushions for my heels. I get back to the telly just in time to see Blair’s bomb misfire but cheer and sigh at the ripper tackle laid by Jack Attack which in my head,  since I look at him differently to you,  was in a romantic slow motion…*sigh*

My Paris Hilton perfume wasn’t the only thing being sprayed in excess amounts.

Mick gave the troops a good old spray that should whip them into action…I hope.

Grizzly Lee0Lee Brown bops a needed goal through.

“JOLLYYYY? WHAT THE!!!??” – Hello Fraser?

HEATH!!!..NOOO!!- Kicks like a defender.

My advice for Mick at this point is to put Jack up forward since Dawesy and Clokey cant get their hands on it! My uncle arrives and mum tells me off for not being ready to leave.

I shove my feet into my heels and try not to break my ankle running out the house and outside to the car.

I chose to go to my cousin’s party after dissing my other cousins wedding to watch the Pies v Cats match and we all know what happened there, so this time I thought- THAT’S IT IM GOING!

I arrive to music that can be heard from the next street pumping at seriously loud levels and a yard of flashing fairy lights, disco lights, and glow sticks. One word to describe the party?> LOUD

I couldn’t even hear myself think, the flashing lights made it feel like the ground was moving from under your feet, the Dj was in full swing, you’d think you just walked into a night club. It was hard having a good time knowing that jack was playing and I wasn’t watching, that the score was tight and I didn’t know who was in front but sure enough being a member of gen y, I gave in and got lost in the music. Im one of those girls that LOVES to dance, forget the ones who stand around bobbing their heads occasionally, im the one right in the middle of it all.

I check my phone for a score text, its half time crows in front, with the defence holding up but shocking ball use.

Damn it…this isn’t good I take my anger on out the food.

A few songs later I check again- 26 to 37- Pies keep missing.

I nervously play around with my glow stick bracelets.

I race for the bathroom again for a quick score check.

TQT- 34 to 44 Pies ball use terrible, goal kicking bad too, jack had a few more touches- EEPPPPP!! THANKGOD!!! I breathe a sigh of relief hopefully it will help him stay in the team for next week.

It’s time for the cake, in a terribly off key effort we belt out happy birthday as George blows out the candles and cuts the cake, my friend Heleneh yells out “you have to kiss the nearest girl!”  And gets some laughs as George is caked in the face by his own sister LOL

Another text- 38 to 45, no goals in final quarter, jack has been lifting-


Brown just kicked one- 44 to 45.

Conversation with the Djs turns to the election, neither seem to hot on a Gillard run government. Time for a score check- 52 to 51 Pies in front 6:12 to go.

OHHH SNAPPP, OHHH SNAPPP!! Please don’t fudge it up boys!!

My throat is dry, don’t know if it’s from a reaction to scores or from the singing and whooping on the dance floor, probably a mix of both.

I wait a few minutes and have to find myself a seat when I read-

Dying seconds 53 to 51.

“Oh dear god!! Someone take me home!!!”

I get too scared to check my phone again.

My brother arrives and is pulled into dancing right on arrival.

I walk  up wincing in pain from my stupid but very fashionable heels, tap him on the shoulder and yell loudly over the music-


He looks are me squinting from the flashing lights and yells back “WHAT!?”

Arrghhhh bloody hell.


This time he hears me, “THEY WON BY 3 POINTS!!” he shouts back.

I feel a rush of relief through my body and race back to check my phone, just to make sure.

– It’s over!! Pies by 3,  Scrappy old game, lucky win.


WE WON!! :)


Suddenly I forget about the pain of my feet and run back to dominate the dance floor, lights flashing, music pumping, and hands are moving in the air. I nudge George and yell “WE WON BY 3 POINTS!!!” he just laughs, typical Carlton supporter! LOL :)    i completely lost myself to the song ‘Dj’s got us falling in love again’ , boucing around and messing up my hair like a typical Gen Y teen. Thinking back i must have looked crazy, i don’t care i felt so energized!!!

Jack seems to have done well, now it’s up to Mick, he better keep him in.

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Usher is amazing eh Danni? One great song after the other, i’d be lying if I didn’t say that Dj’s Got Us Fallin’ In Love doesn’t get a regular play on my iPod.

    Good report, Collingwood got lucky in the end. Inaccurate kicking like last night though, won’t help them in September.

  2. Steve Healy says

    Great report Danni :), nice to see you got some texts to keep you informed with the game. It was a pretty shocking game to watch, the Pies definitely have some worries with kicking at goal. Sidebottom had a great game, I think it was a good win from the Pies considering that they won it in a scrappy way.

  3. LOL, sounds like you had a lot of fun, Danni :P

    And if you haven’t already heard it from someone: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That’s the minor premiership sown up. There is no way you can lose it from here, unless Geelong so thouroughly obliterate WCE next week that the AFL thinks it’s really worthy of 8 points more so than 4.

    Best of luck against the Hawks – they’re going to be a tough battle. And enjoy it: it’s finals eve!!!!

    :D :D :D :D :D

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