John Butler + Robert Johnson = Stereo Story

John Butler (the Ballarat Almanacker, not the dreadlocked muso) ponders the short life and long times of blues musician Robert Johnson.

In this age where there’s supposedly no such thing as bad publicity, where every mundane detail of life can serve as grist to the celebrity mill, the rarest commodity of all is a genuine sense of mystery. Because he was dead long before he was famous, Robert Johnson will never lose his mystery.

Visit our stable mate Stereo Stories for more of John Butler’s blues.


  1. John Butler’s Blues? So many different meanings. All relevant.
    Brian Wise is a national treasure. I’ve been reading Rhythms magazine for 20 years and it has led me to many gems. Hawks supporter from memory.

  2. John Butler says

    G’day PB. Yes, Brian is a staunch Hawker.

    Not sure who RJ followed. The Demons?

  3. JB – Reckon there is an Almanac article in the music band/song companions to each footy team.
    Levon and the Hawks. Hi Rise Bombers. They Might be Giants. etc etc.
    Can’t let you Carlton supporters have a whole genre to yourself.
    Jackson Browne and the West Coast Eagles Sound

  4. John Butler says

    The Blues were once big enough for a whole genre PB.

    But like Norma Desmond, our pictures got small.

    Might be something in your suggestion. :)

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

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