GWS v Richmond

 Good Win….Surely. 

Greasy, Wet and Slippery 

Ground Well Skinny 

Gosh, We’re Struggling

 Giants Will Surprise

 Gun forwards Will Star

 Goals With Seconds left

Grubby Win- Sealed

Grimes Will Strengthen backs

Ginger Jackson Was Solid 

Game Was Sodden


About John Carr

First and foremost, I'm a Richmondite- 5th generation and dyed in the wool. I love the club, but also have a love for the game itself, and love to explore the cultural and social aspects of Australian Rules football. I am married with 4 kids, and also have a love of music, and run a small recording studio


  1. David Carr says

    Given our losses in Darwin and Cairns last year, last Saturdays result was a GREAT WIN SECURED, even though Richmond’s approach was GENERALLY WITHOUT SURENESS.

  2. pamela sherpa says

    Good Work Sunshine

    Go Wondrous Scully

  3. Richard Naco says


    Giants Will Succeed

    (especially if they Go With Sheedy!)

  4. pamela sherpa says

    Great Work Sir(Richard)

    Go Wild Scully

    Guts Will Surface

    Giles Will Soar

  5. That’s the spirit!
    Great Work Senors & Senorita!

  6. David Carr says

    Actually the more I think about it, our win over GWS was not so much great but more a GETTABLE WIN SECURED.

  7. Goals (don’t) Win (over) Sundries

  8. Very clever there RTB

  9. David Carr says

    Giants have just about GOT WORST SONG in competition. Glad they lost, probably sounds even worse with unrestrained GHASTLY WILD SINGING.

  10. Pamela Sherpa says

    Giants Will Sing – their great song. I love it , It’s lively and upbeat.

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