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The Volunteer Children’s sporting foundation Footys4all, which is run from East Keilor Melbourne, which delivers hope and a sporting opportunity to children in need across Australia and around the world has delivered its 8,000th new ball in only 2 years of operation.

In the month of March 2,000 new Ross Faulkner Footys4all Footballs were distributed to indigenous children across Darwin, the Tiwi Islands and Elcho Island with involvement from Michael Long and his family and Ross Faulkner and his family. This distribution was thanks to a $10,000 donation from Greenaid Relief and a $10,000 donation from Ross Faulkner and a $5,000 donation by TNT who transported the balls to Darwin and Elcho Island for the foundation. It was like giving gold to each child as we handed them their own football to keep they were beside themselves with joy. One boy even risked his life to swim through crocodile infested water to get his new footy that had been kicked accidentally into the water.

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Meanwhile  footys4all boxing youth ambassador Reef Gaylard 16 from East Keilor in Melbourne won the Australian boxing title in Perth for his age group beating the raging hot favourite from NSW in the semi finals. Reef is coached by Western Bulldogs AFL  boxing coach and East Keilor Resident John Syfris. Reef has also been mentored through his journey by current Australian world boxing champion fighting in America Will Tomilinson and former 5 time Australian and indigenous boxing champion Robbie Pedden. He now goes on to compete at the Oceania titles with a view to representing Australia at the next Commonwealth Games.

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Footys4all continues to provide hope and a sporting opportunity to children where at the  EDFL East Keilor FC Hawthorn Superstar Cyril Rioli turned up to run clinics with the junior under 10’s, 12’s, 14’s and 16’s as part of the Toyota Grassroots AFL football program. Cyril happily handed out a footys4all Ross Faulkner football to each East Keilor U 10 player and then spent time autographing each footy and spent time chatting and taking photos with all the children. It was so refreshing to meet a superstar AFL footballer who like Carlton players Jarryd Cachia and Matthew Watson and VFL Essendon player Joshua Toy are willing to work with kids at the grassroots level and put back into a sport that has given them so much.

Footys4all in India with Dr Nathan Grills from Melbourne University Nossal Institute of Global World Health.

Dr Nathan Grills sends us this message.
Dear Mike,
Here is a little note form a distribution of some balls at an orphanage associated with our program.
“We visited an orphanage and gave some footballs to the orphans. 2 children said “Thank you for bringing those gifts for us”. Niyati said “It is nothing” and they replied “even what you did was more than enough, you have done so much”.
It was truly a humbling experience and it made me realise that whatever little that we have to give- no matter how small & how insignificant we think it is, it meant alot to them and to the people that we had served during our time in India.
Footys4all thanks to all your support distributing hope and a sporting opportunity to kids in need across the world.

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Footys4all in Deer Park. Footys4all in action where those clubs in the WRFL in this case the PEGS JNRS FC who are financially able raised money through the purchase of Footys4all Ross Faulkner footballs to enable the Footys4all Foundation to supply the WRFL junior players of the Deer Park FC. We thank Deer Park FC junior coach Justine Curatolo whose passion and drive to teach youngsters the game of AFL is inspiring. We also thank 2013 PEGS JNRS FC president Steve O’Hare who along with 2014 PEGS JNR FC president Mark Scatchard and major sponsor Jim Sharpe saw the purchase of 400 Footys4all Ross Faulkner PEGS JNRS FC Access Covers Footballs which raised the money to enable the Footys4all foundation to distribute the balls tonight to the kids of the Deer Park FC. Another Footys4all dream is realised by us all uniting for every boy and girl. Footys4all changing the world one new ball at a time.


Footys4all International has began. Footys4all Starting Local Going Global.

I just returned from New Zealand where thanks to an international new Zealand business man we are setting up the first international arm of the foundation to distribute a new ball to 265,000 children across the whole country. A footys4all new Zealand Charitable trust is to be set up with distribution to New Zealand children ready to commence in 2015.

We also met with a leading New Zealand charity in Kids Can who agreed to support our New Zealand beginning. Kids Can work with 50,000 children across 400 low socio economic schools. We also distributed new footys4all balls to every student at a small predominantly maori remote school called the Tehoro School in Pipiwai Whangeri District 4hrs north of Auckland Thanks to Cheryl Vallance Principal and footys4all New Zealand volunteer Graham.

Footys4all let us all unite for every boy and girl.

It is due to amazing support from our key sponsors and footys4all ambassadors and  volunteers across Australia and around the world that now over 8,000 new balls have been delivered to children in need by the foundation.

For any extra information or to speak with Founding Director Michael Gallus who has been nominated for The 2014 Australian of the year award due to his volunteer charity work across Australia and around the world please contact Michael on 0413025507 or via email at [email protected]

Your support much appreciated by those children in need who require hope and a sporting opportunity around Australia and across the world.


Footys4all Life is a Ball!

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