Marngrook Footy Show and Footys4All and The Footy Almanac: Kev Kropinyeri warms up the crowd

Malarkey Publications provides copies of The Footy Almanac to Footys4All which is an organisation run by Mick Gallus to distribute free sports equipment to communities who otherwise are unlikely to have the resources to provide footballs and soccer balls. Being a teacher Mick also understands the pivotal place of reading. So he includes copies of The Footy Almanac. Footys4All has a partnership with The Marngrook Footy Show. Check out the clip of Indigenous comedian Kevin Kropinyeri working the Marngrook studio as the warm-up guy.

The Footy Almanac, Footys4all and Marngrook Footy Show have come together

Announcing a new partnership with Footys4all and Marngrook Footy Show.

Footys4all teaching important life skills for young girls

Footys4all teaching important life skills for young girls

Hidden Local Hero Competition: Help Michael Gallus from Footys4all provide 700 new balls to kids (and get some much deserved recognition)

Michael Gallus from Footys4all has been nominated in the Hidden Local Hero competition. Here’s your chance to help recognise Michael’s tireless efforts and help an Almanac favorite deliver more balls to disadvantaged kids.

Footys4All in Fiji

Michael Gallus has a charity called Footys4All. He gets sporting equipment from all over the place and gets it into far flung places. He also gets Almanacs to kids all over the South Pacific.

Footys4all – Footys heading to Fiji and Maningrida

It is not everyday that you meet a man who has travelled all the way from an overseas country to pick up a donation of AFL Footys4all Ross Faulkner Footballs to take back to his homeland of Fiji!     It was great to meet you and thanks for spreading the Australian rules ‘gospel’ and [Read more]

Footys4all – Footys4all at Bulleen Templestowe Junior Football Club

The Footys4all mission was recently given a generous boost thanks to the kids, staff and the families of the Bulleen Templestowe Bullants Junior Footy Club.

Footys4all – Far Flung Places

The Footys4all initiative extends its global reach, this time reaching out to PNG and the USA.

Footys4All: Connor Evans at the Oceania Wrestling Championships

Footys4All ambassador: Connor Evans

Footys4All: Sports equipment and books to Tarrengower

Footys4All get sporting equipment and books to people who would not otherwise have access to them. [A timely follow on from yesterday’s piece about footy in jail – Ed]

Footys4all Behind Bars Freedom Cricket Match

Michael Gallus takes us behind prison walls to share the great work Footys4all is doing to bring sport and hope to prisoners. Is ‘over the fence and out’ strictly enforced behind razor wire?

Footys4all footprint across the world

The children’s sporting foundation Footys4all, which delivers hope and a sporting opportunity to children in need across Australia and around the world, has delivered its 8,000th new ball in only 2 years of operation. Be inspired by some good news stories locally and globally.

Footys4All Foundation : Ross Faulkner & Son transform Elcho Island

Michael Gallus from the brilliant Footys4All Foundation tells the story of Ross Faulkner footballs, with on the ground support from Ross’ 17yo son Jack, transforming the lives of 800 children on Elcho Island (birthplace of Gurrumul).

Footys4all in India

Dr Nathan Grills is doing extraordinary work as a public health doctor in India. Nathan sent these amazing photos of his team handing out Footys4all balls and bats to schools, slums, orphanages and disability shelters. Read it and weep; and smile; and donate.

Junior Footy: The Journey Begins

Wesley Hull’s previous piece introduced us to footy in far North Queensland and the work of the Footys4all Foundation. Now he takes us back to his suburban beginnings with the moth-eaten Magpies.

Footys4all in Africa

Sunday’s secular sermon is a ripper yarn with great photos. Your footy team lost. So what? Your horse ran last. You expected? Your golf was as bad as mine yesterday. No excuses. It’s time to put a tenner in the plate for the Footys4all Foundation.

Footys4all North Queensland Road Trip

What price the smile on the face of a kid with a new footy? Priceless. What price also a kid’s ability to run and chase with purpose with their own brand new ball in their possession? Again, priceless, says far North Queenslander Wesley Hulls. [Terrific story and ripper photo – Ed]

Footys4all: a terrific way of getting kids involved in sport

Michael Gallus has developed an organisation which is making a difference.