Excuse me, but there’s this blip…..

After such a good win against Carlton last Monday night, Saints fans were not prepared for the Sunday afternoon drubbing at Paterson Stadium.  Nor the very poor first two quarters.  Nor the performance from the flying Eagles who whooped our arses.  We liked the third quarter.  We can watch the third quarter on the replays, thanks very much.  But the rest, well, it’s all a blank now. A fog.  A bad dream.  If we are in the Saints positive mode, it was a blip.

It’s hard to stay in the positive mode as a Sainter, but I’ll give it my dandiest effort.  So here goes:

  1. We weren’t beaten by Collingwood.
  2. West Coast Eagle ARE on the top of the ladder, the best in the current competition.  Does this say more about the Blues not being all they were cracked up to be the week before, I wonder…
  3. It was great to watch when we did well.
  4. There were 300 Saints supporters at Paterson enjoying the game who got autographs and hellos from the boys in practice the day before. They were there to cheer the boys on in our stead.
  5. Cripps wasn’t as badly hurt as first thought
  6. Lenny continues to be brave and to shine, Farren did well too. Clint Jones is a legend.
  7. Rooey kicked 4 straight and only missed a few.
  8. Wilkes only handed it to the opposition twice, it could have been worse.
  9. We got to bear witness to the unbelievable Nic Nat and Dean Cox double act.
  10. Goddard gets very cranky when we lose, and fights like a demon.  The positive is he’s our cranky pants and our demon.
  11. Rina and I watched it from the comfort of the warmest room in the house on a cold day, on comfy chairs with our feet up.
  12. We ate sugarless but very yummy chocolate biscuit bars and ice-cream, the yum without the tum to cheer ourselves up in the first two quarters.
  13. We were together so had company to suffer a loss with.
  14. Blake at 31 is still busting his gut for his team.
  15. We have lost poor improving Stanley for weeks but Gwilt, Schneider, Clarke are all doing well in the reserves.  So is our remaining untried tall, Archer.
  16. We are finding good young players like Steven and Cripps whose efforts are relentless. Milera and Saad gave us some cheer as well as Milne but it needed more.
  17. I didn’t have to queue for the loo.
  18. I finished a piece of football art about the Dreamtime game.
  19. We still have the cutest coach in the AFL.
  20. After the chocolate and ice-cream comfort started to wear off, I cracked Rina up when I suggested I put the 1966 Grand Final on to watch instead, so we still have humour.  We need LOTS of humour.
  21. I have footy therapy in the form of writing for the Almanac site and asking other Knackers to add some more positives to keep the Sainters smiling into the future.  PLEASE DONATE GENEROUSLY….


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Yvette Wroby writes, cartoons, paints through life and gets most pleasure when it's about football, and more specifically the Saints. Believes in following dreams and having a go.


  1. 22. Gilbert didn’t kick the ball out on the full, in fact he kicked it through the big sticks!

    23. The umpires didn’t make too many bad calls (the problem being that I have never seen so many free kicks paid against us, and sadly, most of them were there)

    24. I was yelling at the TV so much that I didn’t stuff my face with lollies!

    25. Great to know we have a coach who deals with issues straight away and doesn’t make excuses, so we should be ready for next week! (and he is very easy on the eye too!)

    26. Had to make a number 26 for Nicky Dal, he’s having a hard time lately so hopefully he lifts his head next week!

  2. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    At school drop off in Sydney this morning, a 4 year old ‘younger brother’ was (still) wearing his Saints polo with pride.

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