Dr Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 5 preview

True Believers, all.  Have faith.  Quiet confidence.


The game?  Friday night, 1 May 2015. May Day for all the ‘down-trodden, working class, heroes’ that Collingwood supporters aspire to represent; as we do.  Bounce at 7.50pm.  The G, of course.


Them and Us?  Carlton, the ‘olde enemy’; the team we like to beat most of all; the repository of our ex-coach, our ex-Daisy and our ex-Cam Wood.  We’ve won the last four encounters.  You have to go back to 2012 for the last time we lost to them.  Based on performance this year, we will be favourites.  Carlton beat St Kilda, ultimately pretty easily last week, following losses to Essendon (just), the Eagles (by a lot) and Richmond (by a bit).  We’ve beaten Brisbane (by a bit),  were thumped by Adelaide, and we thumped St Kilda before grinding out a tough win against Essendon.  Our wins against Essendon and St Kilda were typified by the commitment – the ferocity.  So, the distinction is there, but maybe not as great as some may wish (including me). It could be reversed very easily if we go in over-confident.  Once again, or perhaps always, we need to work on our application, our commitment, our ferocity.  Importantly, our run for the next few weeks gives us the very real potential to be  9:1 by the Queen’s Birthday weekend (Carlton, Geelong, Richmond, Gold Coast, North and Melbourne (some hard asks, but all winnable) – it’d be a pretty solid start to the season and would do much to ‘shut up’ some commentators).  Speaking of goals from outside the boundary (which we weren’t) which GF did we lose to Carlton by a similar oversight – 1979, Wayne Harmes?  It’s not as if Elliott’s last week was that significant.  See the Team of the Week at http://www.afl.com.au/news/2015-04-28/team-of-the-week-round-four.  It’s been a while since we’ve had multiple entries.  Well deserved to both of them.  Seedsman was everywhere. Jack Frost? Only 8 touches, but what a fantastic ‘defensive’ game.  Magnificent and very well deserved.


Us:  A great performance last week.  You would have great difficulty picking anyone to replace. Maybe White and Williams (though I did note his inclusion in one of last week’s Best lists (I would not support that)), maybe even Gault or Oxley?  Injuries – Swanny is in a ‘moon boot’.   Don’t know how serious; not listed as injured anywhere.  Changes?  Maybe De Goey to replace him, if needed?  I’d still like to see Witts in. If Grundy is dominating the ruck so far, what could we do with both?  And I’d like to see Karnezis get a run up front.  A few others, I suspect, might need to wait for an injury or someone having a rest.  Your comments – In’s & Out’s?


Them: Following last week I might have been tempted to invite a reasonable Blues’ supporter to give us a reasonable, balanced perspective, but that won’t work.  Why?  Well, I don’t know any that I would assess as being reasonable or having a “balanced perspective”.  So, who to watch?  Well, the coach is always a good start – excitable isn’t he?  Judd – back, maybe?  Menzel – back?  Cripps has been doing well – may need to be tagged?  And Bell and Henderson up front. Kreuzer might make a sudden arrival as well.  The fact that Carlton came from a one goal to five First Quarter deficit and a two goal plus deficit at Half Time demonstrates a bit of commitment.  “Our boys”? Daisy? No, still four weeks away, with his shoulder injury.  And, of course, Cam Wood in the ruck, though Warnock might get picked – been doing well in their Two’s.


Teams:  Tonight night after 6.00pm.  At http://collingwoodfc.com.au/.


Game Previews:

Match Centre – http://www.afl.com.au/match-centre/2015/5/carl-v-coll – there now;

Natoli – http://collingwoodfc.com.au/ – will be somewhere there under ‘Latest News’ later in the week (hopefully); and

The Age – Rohan Connolly – http://www.theage.com.au/afl/by/rohan-connolly.  Somewhere there.  Wonder who he’ll pick this week?


Weather.  A couple of years back one of my sons lined up for the U16B Preliminary Final in Canberra (they won by one point after two periods of Extra Time during which only one point was scored).  It had rained and continued to rain throughout.  The beautiful ground at Football Park adjacent to Woden was flooded with six inches of water covering it; and the players slid around like they were on skates.  Of course all of them were wearing moulded-sole boots, of all colours looking very flash. Of course, we, like everywhere else on the East Coast of Australia, had put up with 10 years of drought, so moulded-soles were fine, right up to when it became wet. My recollection from many years ago is of leaving the field in ‘sunny’ Beaufort (Western Victoria; in a direct line North from Antarctica) sodden, muddy and totally exhausted after our ‘play in the rain and mud’.  But we used ‘stops’ that we cleaned assiduously and replaced regularly because we knew how important they were for turning, and moving and doing other fancy football stuff.  Moulded-soles?  They need to be on Pink and Yellow boots that you wear at Etihad with the roof shut.  Weather on Friday night?  Cold with slight wind; little chance of rain – maybe moulded-soles will be okay.

My predictions:  Pies by 17; BOG – Pendles (33 touches); most notable – Adams shuts down Judd.  Your guesses?



Eddie Watch?  I’m getting quite concerned.  Nothing has been heard from Eddie for a while.  Has someone locked him up or maybe just taped his mouth shut?  Not like him to be so quiet.  So, I’ve looked him up on Google to see whether there’s an obituary that I was unaware of.  ‘Praise from Uncle Grumps’ – no comment from me.  Go to http://www.afl.com.au/news/2015-04-28/eddie-mcguire-is-a-visionary-says-mick-malthouse (nice photo, though);

Matthew Scharenberg, 6th overall Draft selection in 2013 Draft, is likely to line up for the Twos on Saturday. Described by Mark Williams as the “best schoolboy talent he had seen since Wayne Carey“.  Good luck to him;

On the flip-side – Darcy Moore’s hamstring injury.  Variety of advice extends from one week to half a season.  Wait and see;


Grumps’ record.  Mr Grumps goes past Jock McHale’s coaching record on Saturday when he coaches his 715th games.  That is a huge achievement, particularly given the modern environment; probably should have retired years ago?  Oh, right; he did, didn’t he?


Go Pies.

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