Crio’s Q: Over-hyped events

Sporting events which I could not possibly have cared less about…actively avoided…

Cathy Freeman’s gold

NZ World Cup Union tournament

Your thoughts?


  1. John Butler says


    For me, anything to do with Formula One.

    The IPL shapes as a likely fixture on this list as well, if it isn’t already there.

    I’ll beg to disagree on Cathy.

  2. Cathy Freeman’s gold medal run was huge.

    Over hypes include.

    World Championship Wrestling.

    AFL pre-grandfinal entertainment.

    Collingwood’s recent premiership dynasty.

  3. T20 cricket of any kind – with you on that JB.

    Bathurst – yawn
    Australian soccer – yawnier
    Greyhounds – yawniest.

  4. John Butler says


    You raise an interesting philosophical question with WCW.

    Can something that consists almost entirely of hype be over-hyped?

  5. JB,

    refer to 7 yo birthday party @ Maccas when the red fizzy cordial comes out.

  6. Phanto.

    AFL PreGrand Final Entertainment is an oxymoron

  7. You are right Dave.


    conceived by morons, engaging morons and apprecieted by only morons, perhaps.

  8. If they were to have Cath and Kim next year would they be ‘Foxy Morons’?

  9. Andrew Fithall says

    On Friday night I had a chat to Patrick Donovan, Chief Executive of Music Victoria, who had been responsible for the supply of a number of the local bands who had played pre-game at the MCG throughout the season. Patrick said that the AFL person he had liaised with throughout the year had absolutely no input to the Grand Final entertainment decision. It was matter of Gudinski talking to Demetriou to come up with the name of the act.

    Demetriou wouldn’t have a clue and Gudinski would be in it to maximise his percentage commission. According to Patrick they need to get an internationally recognised act who would also engage the MCG crowd. I think next time, they should also try to incorporate some talent.

  10. I honestly do not see the need for an international act at all. I went to four finals games this year. As well as the three involving the Pies I took an international guest to see Hawthorn play Sydney (as I said previously I am a better host when my team is not playing)

    The entertainmnt for the Hawks/Swans final was Ross Wilson. He was excellent. He did both Daddy Cool and Mondo Rock songs. He was energetic, the sound was as good as you will get in a stadium designed for sport rather than music and he reacted well with he crowd without pretending that he was the main event.

    The obvious criticism is that Ross doesn’t offer much to Generation Y, but that comment could also be made about Meatloaf, Loinel Richie et al. At least Ross is a legend in his own country. Meatloaf is a figure of Jim Steinman’s imagination.

  11. I pay no heed to any opening or closing ceremony or anthems at all…the only exception was Teddy’s lap

  12. That rugby league test match yesterday

  13. Any person who is no aware of the talent on Aus rock over the past 1 / 4 decades must have been in bed with Rip Van Winkle.

    I hope Demetriou hasn’t heard of Paul McCartney’s recent lust for recycling. A good stirring rendition of Mull of Kintyre with the Victorial police band doing the bag pipes bit up and down the ground is sure to be a hit with the young ones.

    There’s a thought. Acca Dacca leading the GF parade up (this time) Swanson Street on a truck doing ‘Long Way To The Top’ and next day at the “G”. Just don’t tell Andrew they are still popular (not burned out) across the generations internationally. He probably thinks they are English any way.

    600k plus CPI sould by a fair bit of local good will.

  14. Hopefully, Meatloaf’s disgraceful display will be a watershed moment in grand final pre-
    game entertainment. The AFL actually admitted, some days later, that they got it wrong.

    We can only hope……

  15. I’ve tried to fill the AFL Gap with Rugby Union and now League, get the game but gee I miss the way our boys play and fly. How do they (Rugby boys) survive all that crunching. Does having no neck help?? Horse races, boring, doggies, boring, soccer, getting more interesting but can’t maintain interest, cricket, like it on the radio on long summers day but not IPL, cycling (other than Cadel) yawn, I’d like to have some access on TV to womens AFL and see what that is like? Does anyone know where this can be accessed?

    Re Grand Final entertainment. At least its one thing all supporters are united in, we usually hate what’s provided. If you are at the ground, even a better than average performance still suffers the sound bouncing around the ground so you can’t really hear it will so it’s really for the TV audiences. In that case, have someone record somewhere else and pipe it in so we can all hear via the video screens or TV sets…

  16. Peter Flynn says

    Swimming doesn’t do much for me.

  17. Didn’t do much for Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary, Flynny.

    He described swimming as ‘staying alive while he was in the water’

  18. Agree swimming is equally dullsville regardless of whether or not it’s synchronised.

  19. the upcoming international rules series, followed by the 4 Nation RL tournament. No relevance, no competition, no point

  20. Mick Jeffrey says

    MY TOP 10 (in no particular order)

    – Netball

    – Women’s Tennis

    – Non-Major Golf Tournaments (I would watch a major tournament on and off such as a Masters, US Open or Open Championship, or a Ryder/Presidents Cup)

    – NRL Grand Final (I have not watched a complete NRL GF since 2007, and probably won’t for a while yet. Origins I’ll hapilly watch until the cows come home)

    – Provincial/Club/Franchise Rugby Union (only interested in the Internationals)

    – Oval Track Motor Racing (apart from the Indianapolis 500, and today’s passing of 2 time 500 winner Dan Wheldon emphasizes this. Anything on a road course I’m able to watch but 200 laps of a 1.5 mile oval just doesn’t do it for me)

    – 20 Over Cricket (It’s not cricket, and it’s all over after the first innings unless the team batting first scores 130-170)

    – UEFA Champions League (another all-Spanish or all-English final, no thanks. Even the EPL is heading that way but if Southampton get promoted next year it may mean something again)

    – Opening and Closing Ceremony of the Olympics (only interesting bit is the parade of nations, just to see the sole athlete from Turks and Caicos march with pride)

    – Mens Swimming (women’s I can handle for some unknown reason that shall remain nameless)

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