Almanac Soccer: Vale Jimmy Williams

Luke Radzminski followed South Melbourne to play the underdogs in the Eastern Lions. Having just lost the late Jimmy Williams, the Lions held on in a nail biting finish.

Almanac Soccer: South Melbourne plays an old foe on a neutral battleground

South Melbourne, after a strong pre-season, came up against arch rivals Heidelberg United to open their 2021 season. Luke Radzminski was there, camera in hand, to capture the big moments and profile Heidelberg.

Almanac Soccer: Barnsley Football Club

A great joy of English soccer is keeping an eye on scores from afar. Rod Oaten has picked Barnsley as his team, and has had an intriguing few seasons following them from across the globe.

Almanac Soccer: South Melbourne’s perfect pre-season fails at the last hurdle

South Melbourne were flying in their pre-season, raring to take on rivals Heidelberg in round one of the Victorian National Premier League. But Luke Radziminski was there, camera in hand, to watch the powerhouse take on the intriguing St Albans Saints in their final practice match.

Almanac Soccer: The 6 minute game

Back in 2004, Rob Spurr was having the happiest day of his life. Then he decided to go watch a star-studded Real Madrid play, and things took a most unexpected turn.

Almanac Soccer: A forgotten powerhouse – Polonia Melbourne

Luke Radziminski continues his in depth look at Victorian soccer with a dive into the fascinating history of Polonia Melbourne (currently known as the Western Eagles)

Almanac Soccer: After an eleven month Covid hiatus, State League football is now open for business.

Another Almanac debut, this time from Luke Radziminski . Luke watched and photographed South Melbourne play Casey Comets in a pre-season warmup match. He also profiles the Casey Comets, a local club that has produced some notable players.

Almanac Soccer: Vale Frank Arok AM

Legendary Socceroos coach Frank Arok who changed the course of ‘the world game’ in Australia has died in Serbia aged 88. The Almanac pays tribute to an icon of Australian sport.

Maradona and the bird

Rob Spurr shares a story of Diego Maradona’s extraordinary ability to change the atmosphere of a stadium and influence a grand slam winner in his prime, punctuated by dishing out “the bird” to an Australian fan on a fevered whim. [Stupendous but not entirely surprising – Ed.]

Almanac Soccer: Remembering Paolo Rossi’s Moment in the Spanish Sun.

Soccer great Paolo Rossi passed away on Wednesday at the age of 64 after a long illness. Dennis Gedling recalls the exploits of Rossi during the 1982 World Cup in article he wrote as part of series for the Footy Almanac in 2014.

Almanac Soccer: The Dockerty Cup – outside of Melbourne?

Almanac historian Roy Hay takes us back to 1931 to recount the only time the Dockerty Cup was held outside of Melbourne.

The Nuns of Naples 1984-91

With his usual rapier wit, Damian Balassone cuts to the chase in addressing the death of Diego Maradona.

Almanac Football (Soccer): Diego Maradona dies at 60

Soccer great Diego Maradona has died at the age of 60 – a sublime talent, a hero to many, a villain to some. A name that conjures a multitude of responses.

Community Sport: The state of play with Football Queensland

How much should people running ‘community’ sport earn? And should there be transparency about that? This piece from the ABC raises many interesting questions.

Almanac Fans Research: How’s your heart rate?

Taking our cue from an EPL survey of differing fans’ heart rates, we wonder how Australian fans might measure up. What do you think? [Some ‘research’ conducted by a betting company!]

Almanac Soccer: Book Review – ‘What you think you know about football is wrong: The global game’s greatest myths and untruths’

Soccer fans, Roy Hay has reviewed a book written by the former Director of England’s National Football Museum, Kevin Moore called ‘What you think you know about football is wrong: The global game’s greatest myths and untruths’. Check it out, sure to be an ideal Father’s Day gift.

From North Fitzroy to the stands of Sao Paulo

Anthony Perkins is a massive fan of Sao Paulo FC in Brazil – find out how he’ll be supporting his side from Australia during the pandemic!

Almanac Soccer: Love in the time of COVID – an A-League tale

Today (Sunday) at 6pm, Western United play Brisbane Roar in the second elimination final of the A-League. Steve Fahey has become a genuine fan of the new club. He explains the origin and development of his affection.

Almanac Soccer: FA Cup – We gotta hold on to what we got

Patrick O’Brien fondly shares nostalgic memories of watching FA Cup Finals over a forty year period in both Australia and the UK .

Almanac Soccer: Klompen across the Riverina

The great postwar migrant boom saw more than 2 million arrivals from Europe through the 1950s, 60s and 70s.  In the 1950s alone, 100,000 Dutch migrants arrived here.  Like other migrant groups, it wasn’t long before they were establishing soccer clubs across Australia.  Here’s the tale of one of those Dutch teams formed in the [Read more]