Almanac Soccer – World Cup Final 2018: Les bleus à deux coupes de monde

Another World Cup has been run and done, Jarrod Landells shares his thoughts on the final and the winners

24 Horrible Hours

A trifecta of the worst kind! Tennis, footy and World Cup matches all dissected in this report by Marcus Holt.

Round 17 preview: It’s not going home! Sal’s picks and musings

The World Cup has destroyed sleep patterns but we are nearly there, although England aren’t – Sal got a bit sick of the “It’s Coming Home”.  They played well but not being able to score in open play was a flaw, being dependent on set pieces is not a complete enough game.  Now for our footy it is on to this week.

Almanac Soccer: Cambridge University Press kicks off global study on the World Cup

An interesting interactive activity for followers of the World Cup – and there’s a few of us here at The Footy Almanac.

Socceroos – After the Exit

The Socceroos are out at the first stage of the World Cup. Again. What does this mean for state of the World Game in Australia?

The World Cup Alphabet – G is for…

The Aussies face their World Cup moment of truth tonight. They could do with a Golden Boot or two, or perhaps a dose of Aussie Guus. We revisit Dennis Gedling’s marvellous World Cup Alphabet to set the scene.

Tony Wilson and Francis Leach: World Cup Road Trip

Check out the Wilson-Leach clinging-to-youth World Cup Road Trip podcasts.

Almanac Soccer – World Cup 2018: Power and dissent

Brin questions whether there is a role for the political within sports as two Swiss players face a sanction from FIFA.

Almanac Soccer – World Cup 2018: The Lions of Teranga get down

The Senegal men’s football team have the best pre-game warm up routine.

Unburdening the onions

The stadium has been a little unsatisfying for Mathilde de Hauteclocque this year, but Friday night, despite the chill, was better. And that rolled into Saturday and the France-Socceroos match when, as a Franco-Skip, you can be attached to either team.

The World Cup Alphabet: Z is for…

Dennis Gedling writes of the troubled 1974 Zaire World Cup team, the legendary Zidane and makes some observations about the Socceroos.

Almanac Book Review – Joe Gorman on Australian Soccer

Andy Fuller enjoys Joe Gorman’s well-researched and clearly written book on the rich and complex history of soccer in Australia.

World Cup Tipping Competition

The Footy Almanac is running a FIFA World Cup Tipping competition. You are invited to join..

Almanac Soccer: The World Cup – not always so glorious

With only hours to go until the 2018 World Cup kicks off, this sobering reflection by Roy Hay reminds us of some of the less salubrious moments in the history of The World Game.

The World Cup Alphabet – Y is for…

In the penultimate installment of Dennis Gedling’s World Cup alphabet, he profiles a legendary goalkeeper and looks back on some of the very young players to do well in football’s showcase event.

The World Cup Alphabet: X is for…

X is for Xavi, a champion of Spanish football, and one of the great players of his generation.

The World Cup Alphabet – W is for…

W is for War (yes, War) and something else not usually associated with the world game. Dennis Gedling continues this fascinating series.

The World Cup Alphabet – V is for…

V is for…a couple of legendary players. Dennis Gedling continues to make his way through the alphabet.

The World Cup Alphabet – U is for…

U is for…
As we enter the last week of counting down to the World Cup, Dennis Gedling is inspired by the letter U.

The World Cup Alphabet – T is for…

Get yourself ready for the World Cup with the next in the Alphabet series with T is for Tears – an excellent history of the heartbreak of Australia’s World Cup campaign. [Lots of memories here – JTH]