When all is lost, I alliterate

By Andrew Starkie North Melbourne versus Collingwood 7.40pm, Friday, 1May Etihad Stadium There are times when emotions are best expressed through alliteration.  When feeling romantic, we’re amorously aroused.  When our car is broken into in a Northcote carpark, we’re bloody bummed. When Barry Hall is angry, he is Big Bad Barry.  And so on. Bewildered [Read more]

Thin white moon

by Haiku Bob     Fraser’s stoop the long curve of the thin white moon             crisp autumn night Pendlebury sticks his little gives             leafless trees Lockyer finds himself loose           rolling zone the crumb gatherer wheels right and bends [Read more]

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

By Josh Barnstable When the fixture comes out for the season, the team that is named first is the home team who will wear the home jumper and home shorts. Tonight it is North Melbourne vs. Collingwood. North Melbourne is the home team. They run out on the ground. White shorts, White socks. But worst [Read more]

Purposeful Pies Pummel Puerile Poultry Portrayers

  by Steve Fahey   josh (slang) n. good natured joke v.t. indulge in ridicule   The Pies continued their loss-win sequence (which now stands at L-W-L-W-L-W) with a comfortable win against very ordinary opposition.  Other than a ten minute burst from the Kangas in the second-half of the opening stanza, we controlled this match [Read more]