Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 8 Review – Round 9 Preview

Greetings to all. Obviously my optimism last week was just a trifle premature. Whatever…..


I didn’t get to watch the game. I was at a family wedding but thanks to the joy of the electronic media devices was able to be kept informed, unfortunately, of progress.


Onward and upward. Go Pies.



Round 8


Richmond 17.11.113 defeated Collingwood 12.14.86.


A couple of comments first, based solely on the TV highlights and some replay (I can’t bring myself to watch the whole game):


Okay, firstly, with reference to team manning, Maynard, N. Daicos and Adams were sick during the week leading to the game, but Richmond lost Prestia and Vlastuin (both on my ‘Watch List’) from their team very late. Most teams would be happy when a star returns. Richmond had two Brownlow Medal winners returning to the team for the game – Cotchin (won in 2012) and Martin (2017).


The question I have is “Who controlled the game? I would welcome your advice on this. Of the bits I saw, many of our goals seemed against the run of play. Is this correct? How could we correct it?



And we hope Mansell gets a nice reception at the MRP this week. There is no call for that in the current game (or previously either – remember John Greening).


Go Pies.


Game Timeline. Have a look at the Timeline at It shows the importance of the 2-goals at the end of Q1, the 3-goals at the end of Q2 and Q4 – 4-goals each.  The game, Goals scored by Quarter:


  • Q1                   2 (us) / 3 (them).
  • Q2                   3 / 6;
  • Q3                   3 / 4;
  • Q4                   4 / 4; and
  • Total               12 / 17. And we Lost.  Note the Scoring Shot differential – 26 (Us) / 28 (Them) – not much in it actually. Richmond were very accurate. See below in the statistics about Inside 50’s marks.

Summary from the AFL website?



  • Jack Crisp was a standout for the Magpies, winning team-highs for disposals (30) and inside 50s (9) and score involvements (10).
  • Trent Cotchin was back to his best through the middle, recording game-highs for contested possessions (13), clearances (8) as well as 29 disposals and nine score involvements.


Match Report:


Coach’s Comments: – “…continue to be brave…”


Statistics & Lessons:


Team Statistics (identifying only those numbers where there was a significant difference):


  • Hit Outs                               16 (us) / 49 (them). While Richmond resoundingly won the HO, they failed dismally to exploit this advantages – see next;
  • Clearances                          31 / 35. The next step. Richmond should have dominated this. They didn’t. Well done, Midfield, doing ‘the sharking’;
  • Centre                                  15 / 13. Quite extraordinary, actually; and
  • Stoppages                           16 / 22. Not so good;
  • Disposal Efficiency              70.1% / 69.6%. Across the whole game – no discernible difference, but look at the Inside 50 numbers where it really counts. And there was a distinction in numbers of individual’s with reasonable DE between the teams – 4 / 7;
  • Inside 50s                            58 / 61. Not a huge difference – good when you look at the starting HO – The critical step towards goal, but…;
  • Disposal Efficiency              50.0% / 50.8%. No distinction here; and
  • Marks                                   12 / 19. This should have been a major advantage to them;
  • Marks                                     74 / 94.We were seriously out-marked throughout the game;
  • Scoring Shots                      26 / 28. Then the goals?
  • Goals scored                     12 / 17. And the game was Lost.


Application. The sum of Contested Possessions and Tackles, as a measure of application, gives – 172 (us) / 177 (them) – a reflection that both sides worked pretty hard, no side dominated.


So, what is going on? Listening to the Coach you are left wondering about this game – performance down in a range of areas. We need to address a couple of areas – ruck at stoppages around the ground and one on one defence. See below – maybe Cox has earned his recall, particularly if the Inside 50 delivery is so frequently an “up and under” kick rather than to a leading Forward. Well done to Mihocek for showing how it’s done – a chest mark leading directly to the kicker with the defender a pace behind (like Lynch showed us on a number of occasions).


Best. Listed Best were: Crisp, Adams, Lipinski, N. Daicos, Cameron, Pendles and Ginnivan. Consider adding Noble – 331mG, 16 D @ 75.0% DEf, 7 Tackles, 6 Intercepts – a pretty fair day at the office? Well done.


Ground Reporting. Now, I know some of you went – ground reporting? Please? I would love some more ‘ground reporting’ please?



VFL. Bye last weekend.




Round 9


Collingwood versus Western Bulldogs.

Friday, 13 May 2022 at Marvel; bounce at 7.50pm.


Footscray are sitting on the Ladder in 10th place with a percentage of 102.6% with three Wins and five Losses, one place below us in 9th place on 104.9% but with 4 Wins and 4 Losses. So, right now, there is not much between us.


Their season, so far:

Round 1 – Loss to Melbourne by 26 Points;

Round 2 – Loss to Carlton by 12;

Round 3 – Win over Sydney by 11;

Round 4 – Loss to Richmond by 38;

Round 5 – Win over North by 68;

Round 6 – Loss to Adelaide by 1;

Round 7 – Win over Essendon by 32; and

Round 8 – Loss to Port by 17.


So, a variety of results. I compiled the Best from each game giving me the Deductions and the list of players to watch.

Injuries: Go to Check later in week. There is the very real prospect of Bontempelli, English and Keith returning this week.





The Dogs are doing it tough this season particularly relating to injuries and player availability. Before the season started they were being touted as a team to watch this season; a certain Top Four. Hasn’t worked out that way. Go to for a few comments. What this really means is that no-one knows how the team is going to play. I certainly don’t.


Play special attention to Macrae in the Middle, maybe a tagging job, and Naughton at FF.


Who to watch?


  • Macrae – Ruck Rover;
  • Smith – off the Interchange bench into the Midfield;
  • Naughton – FF;
  • Dale – HB;
  • Liberatore – off IC, frequently Forward;
  • Treloar – HF, former Pies’ player. Yes, I bet he’ll have a million touches; just check the Disposal Efficiency from the statistics afterwards;
  • English – Ruck; and


Anything else, people? Your views?




Injuries: None further.




  • In: Cox. We really need to get the ball into a position to kick at the goal without having to take ‘screamers’ like Hoskin-Elliott last week or Mihocek a couple of weeks back. And Cox is a better ruck than Cameron; and
  • Out: T. Brown.


Things to do – same as previous weeks:


  • Focus on the ruck battle – very important for the next step – Clearances, then the Inside 50s;
  • Seek to shark the Clearances in the Centre bounces and at stoppages around the ground;
  • Better establish Forward targets – a variety is essential. Please do not take Moore out of the Back 6;
  • Maintain the speed of movement; avoid stoppages or delays (particularly amongst the Backline) – open the game up;
  • Continue to enjoy your footy; and
  • Pursue the execution of the high-intensity Game Plan for the entire four Quarters.


Your thoughts would be welcomed.




  • My Result. Collingwood to Win by 29 Points. BOG – Lipinski with 34 Disposals, 8 Clearances, 3 Tackles and 4 GA; Ginnivan to get 5, again. Your thoughts? 



Go get em, boys.


  1. FTA TV coverage on 7mate from 7.15pm. Still this shouldn’t stop you heading out to your friendly pub or club.


Weather. Who cares; just shut the roof, if you need.


Round 10


Sunday, 22 May; bounce at 5.20pm.

Fremantle versus Collingwood in Perth.





Go Pies





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