Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 8 preview v Gold Coast

True Believers, all!

Rejoice with us, lament with us, wonder what is going on with us (aka WTF) sometimes.



Saturday, 23 May.

Gold Coast Suns at Metricon Stadium on the Gold Coast.

Bounce – 4.35pm.



Us: We don’t have a happy record over the last couple of years with the Suns (since they started).  They’ve beaten us in close games the last two times we’ve met – in 2013 and 2014.  I remember last year’s game, the make-up of our team (with injuries seriously limiting us), that dropped sitter late in the game and the injury to Ablett.  They are now 17th and we are 7th (for what that’s worth).  More realistically, we are favourites with the betting public: $1.37 to $3.15; but then we were favourites last week and the week before.  We badly need to win this.  Enough said.

It’s not a matter of a lack of confidence in what our team can produce – my view is that they could beat anyone if they play to their capacity – I’m still confident my $20 bet at 50:1 for a Pies Premiership is a good investment.  My lack of confidence relates to how we are playing (and some of the coaching decisions before and during the games).  I think I pretty much covered this in my email earlier in the week (following last weekend’s game) – Keys: ferocity, kick-ins, tackling, access to goal and control of the Centre.  Inconsistency is costing us.  Well, is that a surprise?  No, not really!  Hard to disagree with a BGO (blinding glimpse of the obvious).  We should try and ‘destroy’ the Suns as befits the talent margin and re-establish a bit of credibility.

Them:  I don’t think I know any Gold Coast supporters, so I can’t go there for help.  Just when all the pundits were talking about the Suns taking the next step and heading for the Finals this year, they pull a start to the season as bad as you could imagine – 6 losses from 7 games. I did the sums – a sum total losing margin over the 7 games of nearly 200 points (which averages at nearly 30 points margin per game).  They got close to Geelong in Round 3 and won well against Brisbane in Round 5 (not sure what that means, especially given Brisbane’s performance against Port last week), but they haven’t looked at all threatening before or since.  Most recently, WCE destroyed them 135 to 43 last week, Adelaide did the same the week before 119 to 78.  I don’t know much about their team, except the coach, Rodney Eade, the injured Ablett and Malceski and Rischitelli.  No other names jump out at me.  Am I confident?  Well, actually, no.

Teams:  Tonight after 6.00pm. Watch for White, Tooves (?), and who else – out; Witts, Karnezis (in run-on side; not Sub) and De Goey stay in?   Your views?

Picks:  Pies by 41; BOG – Trav; Goals – Trav – 2, Karnezis – 5.  That’s how lacking in confidence I am.

No Free to Air; find a friend with Fox.  From 4.30pm.

Weather:  C’mon, weather at the Gold Coast – isn’t it always beautiful?  I was in Brisbane over 30 April – 1 May.  It poured; the Airport was actually shut for a period and flights were seriously delayed; and “beautiful one day, perfect the next” was the furthest comment from anyone’s lips.  Anticipated weather on Saturday? 22 deg; partly sunny; shower or two.



Drug Tests: Given the elapsed time is this testing regime a disgrace?  What do you think? [careful Dr, your ‘editor’ is an Essendon supporter… Just sayin’. – Ed]

Eddie Watch: ‘Eddie on drugs’ (careful how you interpret that phrase).

The Twos:  A great win last week against the VFL Premiers, particularly given Development Coach Craig McRae’s, telling comment that “It’s pleasing for this young group to still find ways to win when they’re not playing great footy.“; their third win in a row.  A Bye this weekend, so some of our recovering injured will need to wait to play the weekend after before being considered for inclusion in the AFL side.  Note performances by Fasolo and Marsh. Watch for Michael Still as a key target up forward in the future and note Scharenberg made the Best List.  Can someone explain the system of Listed players to me? Can Pendlebury, the younger (Ryan), get a run in the AFL side if he keeps performing?

Trav and Umps:  The remarkable thing here is not the belief in what was said – we all recognise the truth of the matter, and have for some time – it’s that the Umps have actually acknowledged it;

Pendles – 200th: 5 All Australian selections, 3 Club B & F, 2 ANZAC Day medals and the 2010 Norm Smith medal for GF BOG. No Brownlow, yet.  Well done.  He makes time slow down.

Changing rules mid-season: Rarely would I agree with that, but in this case I’m prepared to acknowledge the need and the benefits.

Anyone going to the game at the ‘sunny’ Gold Coast? For any South Queensland residents, Pies’ activities there are at

Go Pies.


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