Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 6 review

True Believers, this is when it all gets a bit harder.  Stand firm.

I didn’t think WCE were particularly good; I thought the slow improvement and greater effort by us in the Second and Third Quarters was a more accurate indication of the comparison between the sides.  Then there was the Final Quarter.

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The numbers show the story: Clearances (WCE: 42 – us: 30; in the Centre and around the ground), Hit Outs (47 – 25) and Inside 50s (61 – 33).  My principal concern was not the Q1 runaway (though it reinforces everything I’ve continued to say about our rucks and control of the Centre), nor the slow improvement in Q2 and Q3.  My main concern was the drop-off in effort in the Final Quarter, particularly from a point at the end of Q3 where one of our number texted me “Maybe; just maybe“.  ‘Second Efforts’ ceased, kicking to a target ceased, any vestige of a team plan to “move the ball forwards” ceased; we should be ashamed.  In addition to the players’ performance, concerns must now be raised on the coaching capacity to inspire and invigorate the team.

Buck’s post match interview is at  With the exception of the ‘destruction’ of Essendon game he has consistently stated that “changes are on the table“.  I’d like to see some.  I’d much prefer to have an enthusiastic player out of the VFL side than a more skilled, but lazy regular team member.  I also think we are wasting some of our talent – Darcy – 8 Disposals.  And I’ll stop targeting Blair – thought he did well.


Next: Saturday, 7 May. Bounce: 1.45pm. Carlton at the MCG.  More on this later in the week.

Be strong; keep the faith.  Go Pies.



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