Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 6 Preview

True Believers,okay, where is our 2016 season going?  This weekend will decide – to fight like we did in the First Half last week or meekly collapse?


The Game:

Sunday, 1 May 2016 (May Day). West Coast Eagles in Perth.  Bounce: 4.40pm (AEST).  Interestingly, the betting is against us for a win $1.10 to $7.00 (almost worth thinking about retirement investment).

Weather?  Possible shower; 10 – 21 deg. Light winds, becoming Westerly.

TV (for Canberra residents)? Fox Footy from 4.30 – find a friend.


The Teams:

Us?  Published tonight.

Legacy from last week: Go to The Agenda at – some ‘positive thoughts’.

Additional injury out likely to be Varcoe – hammie (again).  Others who could be rested include Brownie and Blair; maybe even Darcy – apart from ‘that mark’ (and it was a beauty) he didn’t do a lot last week. Potential in’s could include Witts (see comments below re Nick Nat vs Grundy), Goldsack and Gault (maybe)?


Your views – Others?

Game Plan.  I’m only going to focus on one thing (well two actually, counting the extra bit, below):

  • Pressure – close-marking and pressure, pressure and more pressure.  This includes holding our tackles, ‘punching’ rather than being out-marked in our Backline and, critically, our ‘second efforts’ and chase, chase and more chasing.  We have demonstrated we can do this last week.  We just need to do it for the whole game.  If you want to motivate the team show them the first 5 minutes of the Brisbane GF (2002, I think?) – a Pies side, seriously less talented than their opponents, showed what they were going to do – they chased and tackled themselves into the ground, led by, yep you remember, Bucks.  Sort of like last week’s First Half.  I will never be critical of a team if they are beaten by a better side if they perform like that (promise).

Oh yeah, the team support between players shown last week should continue.

Well done Pendles and Steele making the Team of the Week. Well deserved.


Do you have some ideas?

Them?  The WC Eagles were talked about as a Premiership contenders.  They’ve had a bit of a rocky start to the season but have only lost to Hawthorn (pretty comprehensively) and Sydney (running away after Half Time) – not too bad in anyone’s language.  They’ve beaten Brisbane (Round 1 – fairly easy win), Freo (came back in Q2 after early lead by Freo and ran away with it at the end) and Richmond (early lead with the game levelled off from mid Q2).  They must have the ‘best’ injury list in the League – minimal outs. Their Best, people to watch so far this season, include Naitanui in the ruck (interestingly, I see Nick Nat as also not a ‘conventional’ ruck and also very good around the ground, a bit like Grundy, so maybe countered better by him than Witts), supported by Masters, Shuey and Priddis in the Midfield and Gaff, Jetta and Yeo on the Wings.  Keep a ‘family’ view on Wellingham, of course.  After their last week’s performance – a bit of soul searching –

Impact on us?  WCE will have had an eight-day break between games; compared with our six-days.  And last week was our best performance against anyone for several years; and their worst.  Motivation could be interesting.  We have to play for the entire game and have to tighten up our marking.  Players need to be held accountable for lapses. Note, also, WC’s strength in the Midfield (ruck, rover, Centre, Wings) – we must dominate this.  Your views?

Game Previews?

My Picks?  Pies by 17; BOG: Treloar – 31 touches @ 86% Disposal Efficiency, 11 Clearances; 5 Tackles.  Other: Witts – 37 Hit Outs.  Goals: Cox – 4, Fas – 4.

Your picks?



Reporting?  Anyone going to the game?  Ground Reports pls?

Remember to keep an eye on the Footy Almanac –

And a special mention to our son, John, a strong Eagles supporter.  John, I hope it is a good game from everyone’s perspectives.  Good luck.

 Be strong; keep the faith.  Go Pies.


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