Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 17 Review

True Believers, be saddened, but optimistic.  Some time back I recall stating that I didn’t mind losing to a better side if we had tried our best.  An example would be the 2002 GF against Brisbane.  Saturday night was a bit like that –  a great team performance with tons of effort and application by both sides.  See Adelaide’s coach’s comments –


Match Reports:  Go to and


Good, Bad & Ugly: A couple of observations:


  • Best.  I’d probably add Greenwood and Adams to the Best, plus Varcoe, who rarely gets in the Best, but is hugely influential;
  • Warning, warning, warning.  Eddie Betts’ influence and the number of times their Forwards were  left unattended;
  • Statistics – Clearances: 41 (Adel) to 38 (us), but look a little closer.  Clearances at the Centre we lost 17 to 7 – too much drive from the Centre bounce by our opponents; and
  • Check the graph at the AFL Match Report.  It shows the damage was done in the first half of Q1, but that we nearly pulled it back by mid Q2.  Then they got a couple of goals.  We actually won Q3 and lost Q4 by only a couple of points.





Reporting?  Did anyone get to the game? Ground Reports pls?
Next. It doesn’t get any easier – Round 18 – North Melbourne on Friday, 22 July. When we make the Finals we will seriously deserve to be there.  And we will have demonstrated the capacity to beat everyone else (maybe except Adelaide who are fast becoming the Flag Favourites).  More on this later in the week.


Keep the faith. Go Pies.


  1. Ben Footner says

    Was at the game live and I thought Collingwood were pretty good personally.

    Looked to finally have some good structure about them, and Cloke was doing enough to at least straighten them up a bit going forward.

    Skills by hand in tight were excellent, and several coast to coast plays were from the top shelf.

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