Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 14 Review

True Believers – one for the ‘Pool Room’. I enjoyed that.  Not much more needs to be said.


Match Reports. Go to: and


I thought the match was typified by a couple of specific events and a general one:


  1. Specific – Treloar’s poor foot pass (intercepted by an opponent) rectified by his chase, tackle and free to regain control of the ball –– really well done;
  2. Specific – Trav’s opening goal and his goal from the almost impossible position on the boundary (as usual).  Notable at his opening goal were the congratulations from his team-mates (se next comment below) –‘Watch the 10’ – Numbers 8 – Cox and 4 – Cloke; and
  3. General – The commitment and team spirit throughout by everyone.  Well done.


VFL. Five in a row.  – Click on VFL.  Next back at Victoria Park.  More on this later.


Reporting?  Thanks Sal for your report.  Anyone else go?  Report pls?



Next. Round 15 – the ‘olde enemy’, Carlton. Saturday, 2 July at the MCG; bounce 7.25pm.  More on this also later in the week.


Keep the faith. Go Pies.  One week at a time.



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