Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 1

True Believers, all,
Welcome to 2015.  The wait is almost over.

Actually, we’ve had better weeks. Keeffe and Thomas now unavailable.  I have faith – looking for negative B samples on 11 April; Crisp fined but at least available; Witts injured (not sure where we are going to go for our talls) and the Essendon players exonerated (well ‘not guilty’ at least, if that’s not the same thing; who at Essendon has been held accountable – Hird suspended for 12 months; is that it?  Apparently “he’s sorry“).

This email will go out a little early (actually before the Teams are announced and before pre-game Previews are published (see comments and links for both below)) because of the Friday holiday and the fact that most email addresses are ‘work emails’ (which would otherwise not be seen before the game).

Let’s get into it.


Versus Brisbane in Brisbane, Saturday, 4 April.  Bounce at 6.20pm (Brisbane time).

What to watch for?  My old standards:
Control from the Centre bounce / ball-ups around the ground.  Big pressure on Grundy (I suspect) and the gang around him; maybe Moore to get a run?  De Goey to get a run?  Ready made for Pendles to manage the group and “show some”?  Also Varcoe on the Wing or part of the Centre group.

Avenue to goal. Let’s stop the “up and under” kicks into the 50 (Inside 50’s are a terrible statistic – largely meaningless).  Low, hard and direct at a leading target.  And there should be multiple targets, every time; with crumbers crumbing, in front and behind, every time.  Karnezis the other major avenue at least 50 m away from Trav.  Hope Trav’s kicking has improved.

Pressure.  We have made this our hallmark in the past for periods – most recently the first half of last year.  With a young List we should be pursuing this for the whole season. If you need to see this in action go back to the 2002 GF loss to Brisbane – we were never expected to even get close; we nearly stole it – pressure, pressure, pressure. Measure with Tackles, 1%’ers and a comparison of possessions between individual players – who do you tag Beams with (love to have Caff back and Greenwood available)?  Also links to Backline performance.

Conditions.  Pick for the conditions.  It’s going to be wet.  Selections?

What do you think?


SEASON VIEW: (including a bit of a view about Brisbane)

BRISBANE Watch for Beams. I’m pleased he was released for personal reasons; I’m not convinced he is a good, long-term investment having spent most of 2014 injured.  I would not be surprised at a reduced availability.  I don’t know much about Brisbane, expect to know more by Sunday morning.


TEAMS:  Not out yet. The Age points to this weekend being a tipster’s nightmare


GAME PREVIEWS:’s Match Day preview is up on the site now.

Here’s the Collingwood club website preview 

Other previews will become available as the teams are announced.

Tipsters:  Rohan Connolly is usually pretty good. He picks against us. I disagree, of course;

Viewing: 7, 7mate.  From 7.15 pm (Canberra local time).


Eddy Watch:  Statements in relation to Keeffe and Thomas positive test results quite reasonable; now there’s a surprise.

Kick to kick after the game:  Take your footy to the MCG for a bit of kick to kick after the Sunday games (and Manuka for all GWS games).

Bucks: Bucks’ alternative employment?  Who knows.

History: A historical look at previous Collingwood and Brisbane encounters.     .


OK, I said in a pre-season email that I was picking something like the following:

GF?  Remember it’s an October GF. GF: Collingwood vs Essendon;

GF winner & margin?  Collingwood by 27 points;

GF BOG? Macaffer;

GF goals?  Trav & Karnezis – both with 4; and

GF notable events? Chapman carried off in the First Quarter after a tackle by Varcoe (they never liked each other much at Geelong);

Brownlow?  Pendles;

Coleman Medal?  Trav; and

AFL Rising Star? De Goey.


That about covers it, I think.  That would represent a good season.

What are your predictions?


Have an enjoyable and holy Easter.  And safe travelling.

Go Pies.


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