Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 1 Wrap

True believers, all,

Well that was fun.  Actually, as one of our number confessed to me late in the Final Quarter, “starting to pace around the lounge room“.  Weren’t we all?


What was I looking for?

Control from the Centre bounce / ball-ups around the ground – outstanding;

Avenue to goal – much better;

Pressure – outstanding; and

Conditions – okay.


Some great; a lot of good and a bit of bad.

Great: Adams – shut down Beams.  While Beams had 33 touches (including only 7 kicks), Adams had 31 (13 kicks).  Sidebottom – he was everywhere and certainly filled any gap in the Midfield.  Grundy – almost the sole ruck for the day and did really well against a much more experienced pair (Leuenberger & Martin).  Check –  Whole team – pressure, pressure, pressure (up to the end of the Third Quarter, anyway) – fantastic.


Good:  Trav – performed well at CHF and rather than always hammering away at the goals fed the ball forward to better placed people.  Eight goal-kickers – always a good sign.  White was busy, but I’d still like to see Karnezis there.  Performances (not the result) in the VFL game against Casey – particularly Moore, Broomhead, Seedsman & Dwyer.  Bodes well for the future.  I note that Swanny was picked at BOG in one game report and amongst the Best in most – his Disposal Efficiency of 45.2% places him second lowest in the team.  My observation was that while he got quite a few touches, frequently these were wasted some going straight to an opponent.  He did improve over the game and was solid in the Last Quarter (when we really needed him).


Bad: Okay, so we tired. Lucky we had a 53 point margin to play with.  I am always happy with a team that ‘puts in’ rather than ‘waiting’.  We showed what we can do.  A few games are already starting to look interesting after the weekend’s performances – Richmond, Sydney and both Freo and Port.  Sidebottom – out injured.  He will be a significant loss until we can get some others back.  Disposal Efficiency – only five players with DE over 80% – not good enough, even given the conditions.  Game Plan – our Game Plan ran into a speed bump towards the end of the Third Quarter when Brisbane got a run on.  We need to have an alternate plan to fall back onto to settle, and drive off again.  It seemed to me that we almost ‘panicked’?


Reporting – As well as some of the great reports that have appeared here at The Footy Almanac, the match stats are worth checking out, at (specifically: FULL-TIME STATS/ADVANCED STATS).

And THIS LINK takes you to a very watchable highlights reel at the Pies’ website (nice bump!)


Ground Reporting? I’d love to hear from those who were there.


And for a new show (which I haven’t watched yet): Nick Maxwell and Michael Christian have teamed up for MONDAYS WITH WITH MAXY.


Next week:  Saturday, 11 April vs Adelaide at Etihad.  Much as I dislike how we perform at Etihad, at least it’s not in Adelaide.  Adelaide destroyed North.  More on this later in the week.


Go Pies,

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