Cam Hooke’s Collingwood life: Friday night lights

True Believers, all;

Keep the faith.

Round 3.  Yep, counting this weekend 21 Rounds to go (including one Bye in mid June).  Last H&A game is on 4 September.  And people are panicking about being 0 – 3 (fortunately not about us).  There is a very long way to go.  Let me ask a question.  Which sides have started the season at 0 – 3 and made it to the Finals?  Anyone know?  After this weekend, are there any teams that might do that?  GC (vs Geelong), Port (vs North), Carlton (vs Essendon), Brisbane (vs Richmond) and Geelong (vs GC) – at least one, could be a few – my guess: GC, Carlton and Brisbane will all be 0 – 3 by Sunday night; but I can’t see any of them making the Finals.


Our game: Tonight. At the G.
Pies vs Saints.
Bounce 7.50pm.
TV – Check local guides
Weather:  Late showers, slight winds. Keep the speedsters in the team. Mark on the chest.

We have been in worse places before and have come out of it.  A poor result last week, no question.  Adelaide showed they wanted to win more.  We are suffering a bit from injuries (now there’s an understatement) but still have the talent to defeat the Saints.  It is actually a great opportunity for some of our newbies to get a run and show what they’ve got.  Pendles in doubt (see attachments below regarding each team’s most valuable player), plus a few others, particularly in the Midfield.  They need to be bolstered – particularly with specific tagging jobs.  I’m not sure the single ruck role is working – look at Longer’s performance as the opponent.  We must dominate the Midfield, in the Centre and around the ground (bring back Witts!).  The Backline is generally okay (though wouldn’t we like to see Reid come back) but I still think we need to have an extra in defence to provide the ‘second-man-up’ defence under the high balls.

Us?  Let’s keep it simple this week.  What am I after?  ‘Ferocity’ – Attack on the ball, support running, chasing, and then more of the same; for the whole game.  See?  Simple.

Them: They are also 1 and 1, having beaten the GC last week by 28 (after having had a lead of 47 at Half Time) but having been pipped by GWS the week before.  Watch Riewoldt, Saad and Josh Bruce all in the Forward Line.  Note Bruce’s marking Inside 50.  The clips I have seen have included both ‘over-heads’ and low delivery to the chest.  Who do you mark him with?  Also keep an eye on Fisher at CHB, likely to pick up Trav; Longer in the ruck supported by Armitage and Newnes in the Midfield.  Unlikely to see their No 1 Draft Pick – McCartin, though you never know.

Pies by 27.



COLLINGWOOD FC’s PREVIEW. I miss David Natoli.

Rohan Connolly’s FOOTY FIX at The Age.  He’s picking us, for the first time this season.  His current achievement of 7 out of 18.  Not sure I want his pick now.



Eddy Watch.  Quiet.

Noting the number of local teachers on our books, local boy ‘does good’.  Watch for Josh Bruce up front for the Saints.  Who to shut him down with?

Great work by the folks at; Who can ‘your team’ least afford to lose?  No surprises Collingwood-wise there.

Remember to get organised for next weekend.  ANZAC Day game vs Essendon on Saturday, 25 April with bounce at 2.40pm. For Canberrans, the MCG action is followed by the GWS v GC game at Manuka with bounce at 5.40pm (noting that GWS are currently third on the Ladder).  For those going to the G, enjoy and report, please!  For the rest of us (well, those in Canberra anyway) pack out Manuka to encourage AFL games to be brought here – and maybe more free Big Macs?


Cheer hard; make lots of noise.

Go Pies.

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