Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – 2018 Round 6 (13/2018) – The Year of the Pie

True Believers, what did you think? Were you concerned?

Frankly, I was. The guys didn’t play badly, though I have a couple of suggestions relating to Defence that I’ll table below. I thought Brisbane played very well; certainly better than ‘7 and 0’ would seem to indicate. Watch this space in their future, they are going to surprise.

And, in my view, the score was a fair representation of the game.

But, of course, we’ll take the points.



What did I like? Well I loved it that we won. And I thought our application was outstanding.

Match Reports The graph here is an interesting overview.

Buck’s comments Concur. See comment below re crumbing in Defence.

Others’ Observations – Number 4; and – Number 2.



* Frees: 18 (us) to 21 (them). The significance may be where they were awarded. I can recall three awarded metres from their Goal – including their first two Goals of the match – in some ways they kept them “in the game” at .

* Hit outs 49 (us) / 34 (them). Well done, Brodie, good numbers. I am almost certain he is not fit and I note ‘the experts’ consider Martin beat him in the ruck (see Team of the Week). Your thoughts? While he did some good things, particularly round the ground, he didn’t look fit to me.

* Clearances 48 / 37. Good effort by the Mids – watch the Disposal Efficiency.

* Inside 50s 61 / 56. Again good numbers, but it’s the next statistic that counts.

* Marks inside 50s 14 / 8. It appeared we had a focus on pursuing the high ‘up and under’ delivery into the 50 for Cox to mark. Okay, everyone knows about that now. As such it doesn’t work as well as it has. What works are the hard, low passes onto the chest of the leading Forward. We crumbed well in the Forward line but not in Defence. Both sides scored ‘crumbed’ Goals.

* Scoring shots 26 / 24. They transitioned better.

* Goals 19 / 18. Quite extraordinary accuracy by both sides.

Best: Okay’ish. Surprised to see Treloar not get listed. I thought he did well; as did Varcoe. Great effort across the paddock – he is a terrific ‘pressure presence’ (19 Disposals @ nearly 80% DE, 2 Clearances and 4 Inside 50s; and got a lovely goal).

Effort. Our Contested Possessions and Tackles reflected our application, noting Brisbane weren’t far behind us (142 to 125 CP and 56 each T).

Disposal Efficiency? We had 9 players with DE under 70%; them – 3. Interestingly our three worst offenders were Backs – indicative of their pressure on us and our failure to handle it; Mids were better.


* Same as last week, when we got the Clearance from the stoppage we dominated; unfortunately so did they.

* Forwards were terrific, particularly opportunity crumbing and scoring. We need to watch selfishness does not appear; there are frequently better placed players – our quick movement of the ball suits this sort of targeting.

* Defence. We must crumb around the Defence packs. Brisbane scored numerous times when we were caught napping. It looks great when someone takes a screamer, but not everyone can every time; there need to be the crumbers around to pick up the loose ball and to tackle their crumbers.

* Using Cox for the high ‘up and under’ entry to the 50 worked only occasionally – he took four Marks; two Contested (and his kicking is awful). The lessons from the Adelaide game, not applied this week or last week, was that low, hard passes to leading Forwards is the best avenue to Goal. Was Darcy Moore useful? Sure was – every time the ball came Forward he attracted a number of key defenders, clearing the pathway for others.

* Injury replacements. Pendles? Grundy? Maybe McLarty – versus Geelong at the MCG would be an extraordinary starting experience.

Your thoughts?



Round 7. Versus Geelong, at the G on Sunday, 13 May; bounce: 3.20pm.


Match Preview (when there) . The betting, there already, seems to indicate Geelong’s favouritism ($1.52 to $2.55).

Them. Geelong are sitting 6th on the Ladder on a percentage of 121.1%, with four Wins from the opening 7 Rounds. Working backwards from the most recent, Geelong trounced a pathetic GWS last weekend, Lost to Sydney the week before; beat Port, after seriously winning against St Kilda but Lost to WCE in Round 3. They famously Lost to Hawthorn by one point in Round 2 after beating Melbourne by three points at the start. They are a quality side whose performance justifies their place in the middle of the Eight. People to watch for are ‘the usual’ – Joel Selwood (in my view the danger player), Dangerfield, Kelly, Duncan and (maybe) Ablett round out their Midfield. Smith might reappear as their ruck, maybe. Then there is Hawkins up front – could be out; more likely a fine only.

Us. We are sitting 9th on a percentage of 105.8%. A Win here should propel us back in the Eight. We have taken to Geelong over the last few years, winning against the expert opinion. Do you remember Greenwood shutting down Selwood a couple of years ago? Outstanding. We need to prepare, carefully. Focus on closing down Selwood (run-with?) and Hawkins and then apply our own game plan to win the game. Consider ‘resting’ Cox? Work hard on crumbing in Defence. Maybe ‘rest’ or support Grundy – replace with or add McLarty?

Picks? Geelong is one of my “Successful Season” measures given, particularly, the rest of my family barrack for Geelong. My pick? Pies to Win by 17 points; BOG – Steele with 23 Disposals at 91% DE compared with Selwood with 11 Disposals. Moore bags 6; Fas gets 4. Crowd: 83,000.

* TV? Yes; FTA on Channel 7 from 3.00pm.

Reporting? Let’s get into it, please. I know some of you are going.



* Win over Werribee 16.14.110 to 8.9.57 places the Pies’ Twos second on their Ladder. Well done.

* Match Report at Notable Mihoceck, McLarty, Wells, Fas, Wellings and, importantly, Greenwood (first game back). See

* Next: Round 6 – Sunday, 13 May versus Geelong at the Holden Centre; bounce 11.30am. Note that you’d be able to watch this one then wander over to the MCG for the Main Event. Anyone going? Report pls?


Magpies Netball

* Our second game in the Suncorp Super Netball Season was also a Loss to one of the competition favourites, the West Coast Fever, 68 to 57.

* Match Report:

* Next: Saturday, 12 May; tip-off 7.00pm versus Adelaide Thunderbirds at Hisense Arena, Melbourne. Anyone going? Report pls? Time to turn it around, ladies. Good luck, ladies; we’re with you – ‘Side by Side’.



* Well done, ladies – an historic first Win over Williamstown 7.8.50 to 4.8.32. Congratulations and best wishes for the continuation of your success.

* Match Report at

* Next: Round 2 – Sunday, 13 May; bounce 2.30pm versus Geelong Cats at Olympic Park Oval. It looks like you could catch three games on Sunday (VFL, VFLW and AFL all against Geelong all within walking distance.



The Robert Rose Foundation VWFL also started this weekend: Go to: and Worth a look-see.


No results yet.

Next: Sunday, 13 May; Pies at 12.00pm at Boroondara Sports Complex, 271 Belmore Road, North Balwyn VIC.



* Eddie Watch. Quiet again. I find it always a bit incongruous listening to Eddie commentating other games. You?

* Other Sports – Canberra:

GWS – Not until 11 August;

Raiders – Home versus Sharks on Sunday, 13 May; kick-off at 4.10pm (seems to overlap our AFL game); and

Brumbies – Home versus the Rebels on Saturday, 12 May; kick-off 7.45pm.


Go Pies.


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