Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – 2018 Round 11: A great-ish weekend

True Believers, a great-ish weekend (except for our Twos), Special mention to our Netball side who got their first Win). Keep it up.


Firstly, a very warm welcome to Kylie, our latest referral. Welcome to ‘the family’. Enjoy.


And a very big personal thank you to Janet for easing my transition into the 21st Century digital age on my new phone. As per some comments in previous weeks each of us was plugged into the game in one ear while watching the Brumbies’ game – a nice solution. Uncle Grumps (Mick Malthouse, for those who remember), a little surprisingly, was quite supportive of the Pies’ play on ABC Grandstand. Not surprisingly, the commentators (including Uncle Grumps) had Fyfe hung, drawn and quartered for the hit on Greenwood – and a farewell to the Brownlow.




A great Win 21.12.138 over the Freo Dockers 12.5.77 – well done. Noteworthy is that both sides kicked seven goals in the Final Quarter reducing the significance of the 59 point lead at 3Q time (ending at 61 points). I suspect the Q4 statistics also played ‘merry hell’ with the game statistics (below) giving some credibility to what, to the end of Q3 was a ‘drubbing’.


Progress against my list to the Bye – Where do we go from here?

–         Round 9 – Saturday, 19 May; 7.20pm – St Kilda; ES              Win

–         10 – Friday, 25 May; 7.50pm – WB; ES                                Win

–         11 – Sunday, 3 June; 3.20pm – Dockers; MCG                     Win

–         12 – Monday (QB Holiday) 11 June; 3.20pm – Melbourne; MCG. This game is looking absolutely season-defining. Melbourne have produced the results, so far. We will need to be at our best to get the result here? Next – see below.

–         13 – Bye

My previous statement: “So, we should expect to go into the second half of the season on 8 Wins (32 Points on the Ladder) from 12 games; a sound basis which should have us in the Eight and heading for the Finals. The final run might be challenging.”

Let’s keep it up. Your views?




  • Numbers:


–         Frees: 19 (us) to 13 (them). Whatever?


–         Hit-outs: 62 (us) / 25 (them). Again, Grundy had a field day; well done. But, as always, if he gets the tap and it goes to the opposition that is not useful. See next step re conversion of Hit-outs to Clearances.

–         Clearances: 41 / 37. Given the advantage (above) from the Hit-Outs this statistic, again, is not good enough and reflects poorly on our Mids’ performance.

–         Inside 50s: 62 / 35. Given the Clearances this is really good; well done.

–         Marks inside 50s: 14 / 12. Both sides should see this transition into the 50 to marks as pretty awful; we were slightly more awful than them.

–         Scoring shots: 33 / 17. Good conversion of Inside 50s to scores.

–         Goals: 21 / 12. ‘Good’ kicking.


  • Best: Who wasn’t good? A great performance across the paddock. And how good is it to see Mihocek in the Best in his first game? And I thought Pendles was magnificent – he, sort of, floats through the opposition, making it look so easy and that he has a ton of time. Team, Well done.


  • Effort. The Contested Possessions and Tackles reflected great application by us (CP: 152 (us) to 128 (them) and T: 67 to 58).


  • Disposal Efficiency? Continues to improve each week, across the board: we had six players with DE under 70%; they had three.


  • Lessons:

–         Positives:

×           Great kicking, particularly at Goal.

×           Scores to Entries was good.

×           Great drive into the 50 (see Inside 50s comparison).

×           Great defence, maybe excluding the Q4.


–         Not so positives:

×           Transition of Hit Outs to Clearances – better, but still needs to be worked on.

×           Delivery into the 50 to a Mark. This was poor and needs to be addressed. A Clearance that fails to be converted into a Mark inside 50 is wasted.


–         Injuries. None.

–         Other. None. Though Mr Fyfe might have a week or two off.

Your thoughts?




  • Round 12. Versus Melbourne at the MCG on Monday, 11 June (Queen’s Birthday Holiday); bounce: 3.20 pm.


  • Match Preview. The betting, last week, had Melbourne favourites ($1.62 to $2.30) – How did that change after this weekend’s games? Yep: shifted, but only marginally, to $1.60 to $2.35. Melbourne are still strong favourites.


  • Them. 3rd versus 7th; 140.2% vs 115.7%; but only one Win difference (8 Wins vs 7 Wins). And apart from their close Loss to Geelong in Round 1, none of either their Wins or Losses have been close. Recently they Won over an understrength, and seriously underwhelming Adelaide in Alice Springs by 15 goals. I watched some of this game – it was as if Adelaide players did not want to be there; they almost stopped chasing. Other Melbourne Wins have been against (working backwards) Western Bulldogs (most recently), Carlton, GC, St Kilda and Essendon – I am unsure what any of those games actually show. Rounds 4 and 5 were significant – Melbourne were hammered in Losses to Hawthorn and Richmond.

–         Melbourne are playing great ‘team footy’ without critical ‘stars’ (mostly). Team performance descriptive terms include –‘emphatic (proof) of premiership credentials’, ‘methodical’, ‘outworked /outhunted’ their opponents.

–         Who to watch for? Gawn and Oliver (ruck and rover), Brayshaw (but without the injured Lever) (HB), and Tom McDonald at FF (or on the Wing or he might even be heading into Defence). Also watch for Nathan Jones and Jack Viney in the Centre – significant experience. And, of course, Weideman – ‘family’ due to that name.

–         I think Melbourne are over-rated and due for a wake-up by a side that also plays as a team. In my view we should dominate individually man-on-man across the paddock and, additionally, demonstrate our capacity to perform as a team.


  • Us?

–         Team? A winning side – who would you change? Reid and Howe might surprise in terms of fitness, but who would you drop? I’m not sure Reid’s performance would warrant replacing any of the Backs; and probably only one of the Forwards – you can work out who; certainly not Mihocek. Callum Brown, Wills and Murray are all still waiting.

–         Game Plan? Same as last week (and the weeks before):

×           1. Convert Hit Outs to Clearances – absolutely critical;

×           2. Emphasise the low, hard passes to a target inside the 50; and

×           3. Work as a team – support running and multiple tacklers / chase and get up quickly.

–         Coaches’ Box. Critical management by the Coaches’ Box to respond to the game as it evolves. Could include Greenwood tagging role and an earlier shift of De Goey into the centre.


  • Picks? Pies by 17 points. BOG – Grundy, dominates Gawn, with 39 Hit-outs, 22 Disposals at 87% DE; 10 Clearances and 10 Tackles. Hoskin – Elliott, Thomas and De Goey each get 3 Goals. Your thoughts?


  • TV? Yes; FTA on 7mate from 3.00pm.


Reporting? All, let’s get into it, please. Your pick?




  • Noting that this game was between 1st and 2nd on the Ladder, this was a surprising result. Richmond, top of the Ladder dominated, particularly in the 2nd Half, to run out Winners, 17.13.115 beat us 6.11.47.




Magpies Netball


  • Yah! At last! A sound win 67 to 62 over the Queensland Firebirds. Well done, ladies; great effort; onward and upward.



  • Next: Sunday, 10 June – Bye.  17 June; tip-off 1.00pm versus Giants Netball in Sydney (Qudos Bank Arena).  Good luck, ladies; we’re with you always – ‘Side by Side’.




  • Well done, ladies – Another good Win 4.4.28 over Hawthorn 3.3.21.  That makes 4 Wins and Draw (with Geelong) out of the five games of the season, so far.



  • Next: Round 6 – Sunday,17 June – Pies Bye.






  • Has anyone been? I’d love a bit of feedback pls? Well done, everyone. Go Pies (and everyone else)




  • Other Sports – Canberra:

–         GWS – Not until 11 August;

–         Raiders – Friday, 8 June; kick-off 6.00pm. Home game versus Panthers; and

–         Brumbies – serious gap in games until 30 June. More later.


– (by Luke Reynolds, acknowledged ‘Collingwood tragic’, concerning he and his boys journey from Colac (Auskick) to Vic Park (Reserves’ game) and onto the G (for the big event)).

– (by Phillip Dimitriadis, a well-known and much-beloved Pies supporter, as the name implies, a team made up of historically ‘most disliked’ players – yep we get a couple of mentions; not always fairly).


Go Pies.




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