Round 1 – Sydney v Collingwood: Cam Hooke’s (miserable) Collingwood life

True Believers, do not lose faith. There is only one direction to go after a performance like that – up.


I did not enjoy that.


If you missed it, don’t bother chasing a ‘catch-up’.  If you want the Match Report is at:


And I don’t give too much credit for the fact that the damage was done in the First Half – when you are that far in front in a two-horse race it’s hard to be too clinical.


The statistics at the Match Day website identify a few numbers that were patently obvious to anyone who watched the debacle.  I think the ‘experts’ have been very generous in picking any Collingwood ‘Best’.  Yes, Treloar got a bunch of touches but disposing of them at 58.8% Efficiency means, essentially, he wasted nearly half of them. This was common to everyone on our team – I can’t think of any exceptions. Sydney had 14 players achieving a game Disposal Efficiency of 70% or higher; we had seven – I’d love to see the numbers for the First Half. We were destroyed at the Centre and around the ground at Stoppages – 44 to 26 Hit-Outs; Sydney’s top three Clearances numbered 20 compared with our 13.  Overall it was a lacklustre performance in which the Sydney players showed us up in terms of application and effort.


I think we really missed the commitment from Swanny, after his injury, and Varcoe’s absence.  Both have the ability to lift the team.


What’s going on at Collingwood?  See:


The positives?

  • Sydney showed that a bunch of enthusiastic young kids are better than a bunch of old folk with no enthusiasm or commitment.  Maybe we should have a think about that at the Selection Table;
  • Reid, Marsh and Aish all performed at the VFL practice game –; and
  • I expected we’d be on the Bottom of the Ladder.  Nope, Freo did worse.  Remember if you wanted to put a bet on the Pies for the Premiership there is unlikely to be a better time (unless we lose on Friday).


Did I think the ‘leaked’ statistics regarding drug use at Collingwood was a factor?  Maybe, but not an excuse.  Do you understand what is going on here?  See Eddie’s, Bucks’ and


Next – Richmond at the MCG this Friday night, 1 April; bounce at 7.50pm. Do you think the Richmond fans might remember Treloar’s comments regarding the respective ‘Playing Lists’?  More on this later in the week.


Go Pies.




  1. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Most of our positives seem to be in the VFL over the last couple of years, Cam.

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