Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life 2016: Practice Matches done

G ‘day True Believers.


The Game:


Another ‘practice match’; another come from behind; another win. Match report at:  Check the statistics again – Treloar: 26 disposals @ 80% disposal efficiency (that is outstanding), Ramsay: 22 @ 73% (running below the horizon?), De Goey: 21 @ 86%.  And Tackles – loved Varcoe’s.  And Witts had eight – what is going on here?  An interesting graph:  Early slow start, being roundly beaten up to Half Time.  Explosion in the Premiership Quarter (again) and then coast to the finish.  When we get into the season we need to get and apply the ‘killer-instinct” and play the games out, and actually from the start of the game; not from Half Time – less stress on the supporters.


I didn’t see or follow this game either.  My comments are purely based on second-hand reporting. Thanks, Sal, for your assessment – nice mix of critical comment tempered by the positive.   Did anyone else get to the game or watch it?  We’d love some other first-hand comments.  The surprising thing to me about the NAB Challenge across the board has been the intensity and seriousness with which the players have applied themselves – no real ‘practice match’ mentality.  We’ve seen some real performances against real opposition.  See the summary of performance at  And, no, it doesn’t include DE%.


What’s Next?


AFL Season Round 1 versus Sydney at the SCG on Saturday, 26 March – 9 days.  Pre-season form guide – going?


Coach.  Bucks has extended to the end of 2017 –  I like Eddie’s comments that “as far as he is concerned Bucks is the Senior Coach until further notice“.



  • Watch the ‘player assessment’ site develop at Swanny and Pendles are the only Pies’ players in the Top 50.  I did love the comment about Pendles at the site: “poetry in slow motion“.  I think our list says much about ‘playing as a team’ and there could be a few more individual Pies in the Top 50 by the end of this season.
  • Remember to keep an eye on the Footy Almanac.  It includes expert and enjoyable articles and letters (many with very amusing comments).  Go to:
  • Rules.  Another change – countdown clock to be used when kicking set shots for goal –  Not sure what happens after that – ball turnover or just ‘play on’?  Anyone know?
  • Pies News.  Go to:  Under News – Sarah Allen.

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