Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life 2016: Practice games ticking boxes

The Game:


Okay, first point – “they are only practice matches”.  Don’t get too excited, but some pretty good individual performances against some ‘real’ opposition.

I didn’t see or follow the game.  My comments are purely based on second-hand reporting.  Did anyone get to the game?  We’d love some first-hand comments.

The Game reports – and  Reports are positive though Bucks did refer to it as ‘ugly’ –  But, as I’ve said before, “Winning is habit forming” (actually I think it is ‘losing that is habit-forming’, but this way sounds better).  Go to .  A few good things – firstly, it showed that the team and individual performances against Geelong were not a ‘one-off’; secondly, a number of individuals are looking very competitive.  So, well done for a good day at the office in conditions that were less than ideal.  Best:  Adams, Greenwood, Varcoe, Fas, Pendles and Gault.

An observation or two on performance?  Check the Disposals (D), Disposal Efficiency (DE%) and Time on Ground (TG%) figures at ‘Match Centre / FULL-TIME STATS / ADVANCED STATS’.  What the Disposal Efficiency shows is the success (or failure) of the Disposal.  So, for example, Greenwood with 25 D and 56% DE can be compared with Aish 19 D and 68.4 DE%  and Gault 9 D and 100 DE%. Additionally, it’s worth having a look at the Clanger (CLG) numbers – these record when a disposal from one of our guys goes directly to an opposing team member (This is the sort of thing that prompts the Coach to hit his desk hard, as we have seen on TV occasionally).  Of course the numbers don’t provide the context or the opponent’s figures – that’s why the Assistant Coaches carry those clipboards.  The TG gives a little bit of context.  The other numbers that are worth a quick look-see are the Tackles (T) and ‘one percent’ers (1%).  We all know what Tackles are – Greenwood had 8; Cox 5.  ‘One percent’ers’ include ‘spoiling punches’ in a pack so, almost by definition, Backs will score better here – but there was Mr. White with 6.  Interesting.


What’s Next?  NAB Challenge game against Footscray at Etihad on Saturday, 12 March (that’s a pretty quick turnaround). AFL Season Round 1 versus Sydney at the SCG on Saturday, 26 March – 18 days.


The Team:

Bucks view on a few things at  – including Adams’ performance – “doesn’t know the difference between a NAB Cup game, a Premiership season game and a Finals game”.

Treloar had his run in the VFL practice match.  Expect him in the NAB Challenge 3rd game team.

Injuries.  Langdon has hurt his finger.  “Reid is not injured” –  Really?  Others no change.


Question: Do you want to put together a (close to) full strength team for the final NAB game or continue to use it as a practice match?  What do you think?



Watch the ‘player assessment’ site at  Complete, so far, 50 to 9.  Interesting listing re Pies players.

Message to all – Where do you think we’ll end up this season?   My assessment – Premiers.  What is your assessment, and why?


Everyone, welcome to 2016.

Go Pies.


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