Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life 2016 – A Quick Follow-up

Greetings, True Believers.

As a follow-on to my previous post (2 Feb), working towards the start of the season, a few bits and pieces (The messages become more frequent during the season) just to warm us up:

The Team.  Team Photo Day –

Injuries?  Scharenberg – ACL tear – Season? Langdon – minor knee surgery (meniscus ‘clean-up’); Howe – foot soreness; Goldie – “troublesome knee” (whatever that means); Frost (hip?) and Pendles (ice on lower leg – 18 Dec).  Any suggestion as to what sort of ‘brain injury’ Swanny & Trav suffered (I have some very strong suggestions that I’m sure their respective partner and fiancée might be considering). Also Treloar (groin) and Aish (finger).  Seems a lot, doesn’t it?

Works in progress?

Other Things?

  1. Some of you have heard me talk about this before – apologies to them.  I am much happier with an October GF than with September action.  2016 GF – 1 October.

Essendon.  So what do you think of the Court of Arbitration for Sport decision – two years suspension backdated?  Is there any validity in a comparison with the punishment of Keeffe and Thomas, whose two year bans resulted, supposedly from a one-off (accidental) intake; not a corporate program of doping run by the Club.  Essendon – penalties ‘manifestly unfair’?  I don’t think so. “I think it is hard to give you what my level of responsibility was.” – Hird. Really?  “In hindsight, I think we were wrong.” – another Hird BGOTO (blinding glimpse of the obvious).  Really (again)?  Should Watson keep his Brownlow?  What do you think?

Speaking of Essendon.  Has anyone else noticed it’s starting to look like the Geelong Seconds?  Maybe they could pull Chappy back for another run.

Eddie Watch.  Just when I’d finished writing “Eddie’s been quiet” he comes out of left field.  I’m a bit surprised he hasn’t hit the ‘target-rich’ environment that the Essendon fiasco has presented.  Has he been more loquacious on his radio show, Melburnians?  I do, however, agree with his assessment of Swanny and Trav over the great ‘naked text’ issue – “idiots“.  Says it all, actually, and succinctly (particularly for Eddie).  And his suggestion regarding Wildcards – – also some interesting comments.  Is this a precursor to a two-tier competition?  What do you think?

Australia Day.  And as we head past Australia Day, courtesy of Slammin Sammy Kekovich (again) plus Lee Lin Chin doing a fantastic rendition of James Bond’s ‘Blofeld and his cat’ (or in this case, her dog), the regular and infamous lamb advertisement.

It has already broken the record as the most complained about advertisement in Australian history.  I love it. I am, of course, totally biased – growing up on a Dorset Horn stud property in the Western District of Victoria and going to school with all the other Western District graziers’ sons (then; now co-ed).  For the uninitiated, Dorset Horn rams (in those days) were the principal sires for the fat lamb industry – my father’s descriptive comment: “A Dorset ram should make you feel hungry just looking at it“. See the connection?


Cam Hooke

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