Brain fades in footy


Sam Steel’s account of 1981 Revisited Round 14 referred to Malcolm Blight’s embarrassing brain fade running into an unguarded goal by confusing the goals with the points. I’d imagine it is something he will never live down!


It made me wonder about other embarrassing brain fades kicking for goals, or footy in general, other players have had, and there must be many.


The one that comes readily comes to mind is Joe Daniher (or was it Cale Hooker?) marking a metre out from goal, thinking there was no opponent near him, he turned, dropped the ball to his foot to dribble  through an easy goal only discover to his embarrassment there was in fact an opposition  player who rushed his dribble  through for a behind! Incredible!


Ok Almanackers, what are the brain fades you remember? Record your responses in the comments box below.


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  1. John Butler says

    Percy and the goal post. :)

  2. Mick Gale in the 1995 Prelim, roosting the footy the wrong way.

  3. Rulebook says John Bourke Collingwood was the 1st one which came to mind

  4. The Big Sav last Saturday night!!

  5. Colin Ritchie says

    Graeme Allen’s kick across goal in Footscay’s(?) forward line only to be marked by opposition and winning goal kicked(?)

  6. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Blighty would never have made that mistake in SA, where the behind posts were always painted red.

  7. I was right behind that Blighty error, standing on the old concrete concourse

  8. Rulebook says

    Fabulous Phil unfortunately and Swish never understood why that was changed having goal and point posts different colours is common sense

  9. Dennis Gedling says

    One Eagles player (Sheppard) ran the wrong way at Subi a few years when playing Geelong.

  10. Col, the match was 1984 at the Western Oval. Simon Beasley marked, goaled, home by 5 points. It broke a losing streak going back into the 70’s, during which Collingwood owned Footscray.

    A few years prior, 1970, North Melbourne ventured to the Western Oval, and their Franky Dimmatina kicked the ball in the wrong direction during a tight, final term. Footscray won by under a goal.

    Similar event was the 1995 Preliminary final @ VFL Park where i watched Richmond’s Michael Gale kick the ball the wrong way; this being in the opening term. Little wonder Geelong won by 89 points. The following week, that’s another story.


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