Putting it in context

by Dave Bruce

Pleasingly, Monday’s game against the PM’s XI where the Poms got 3 for 225 was only the fourth worst day that an Australian team has had against England on this tour, which is not a bad result at all. Even better, there were five other days that are arguably as bad or worse as well if you are prepared to give some ground on runs or wickets.

Adelaide: Day 2: 2 for 316
Brisbane: Day 4: 1 for 290
Adelaide: Day 3: 2 for 234

PM’s XI: 3 for 225

Brisbane: Day 5: 0 for 208*
Melbourne: Day 1: 0 for 157*

Sydney: Day 3: 4 for 318**
Hobart (Aust A): Day 2: 4 for 313**
Brisbane: Day 2: 5 for 287**

* Part day
** Lost more wickets

I don’t want to suggest that Julia Gillard should be selecting the test team, but I hope that the CA review at least gives it some thought as an option.


  1. Thanks Dave. I feel so much better now…

  2. Perhaps the model of Mr Deans’ rugby union development model could be visited.

    They seem to be incrementally improving; perhaps because they took a radical step and flicked a few.

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