Snooker break

Photo by David Bruce

Trevor Ayres breaking in 2007.

This photo was accepted into the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery’s main annual exhibition, the South West Survey, in 2007.

As a response to Adam’s comment, the best David could do was have Roger Waters pay a visit.

Then he decided to take the tone a little upmarket.


  1. Adam Muyt says

    A great photo. But where’s the fag hanging out of the mouth, ash-dusted cloth, half-full beer on the side of the table and two blokes chatting away to each other in the background?

  2. I can almost hear the sharp tinkle of on old 88 in the background.

  3. Adam Muyt says

    Roger Waters, that old fart! Geez, couldn’t you have had the Scientists or Triffids or Eurogliders or some other decent WA band up there playin’?

  4. westcoastdave says

    Adam, you are a hard man to please. Not sure I would include the eurogliders in that list, but tonight when I have access to my full catalogue I will see what I can do for you…

  5. John Butler says

    I definitely wouldn’t include the ‘Gliders in that august company.

    What are some decent WA bands of the moment Adam?

    Signed- Old Fart

  6. Adam Muyt says

    Dave and JB, I admit I hesitated, fingers hovering over the keyboards wondering whether the Eurogliders should be listed along with the two best bands to come out of Perth ever. But then the catchy ‘Heaven’ entered my thoughts from some deep dark recess…

    Oooooh! Ooh I want to find a better place , Ooh I’m searching for a better place, Oooooh! Ooh I’m tired of living in the sand,Oooooh! Ooh I’m searching for a better land,Heaven, must be there-ere…..

    Hey, perfect lyrics for followers of any number of tragic football clubs.

    I reckon it wasn’t a bad pop tune for its day. But the Scientists, well, they were more my kind of band. Still like to occasionally pull out my 7″ 45 rpm copy of We Had Love and turn the stereo up REAL LOUD!!!!

  7. westcoastdave says

    We used to catch Johnny Diesel and the Injectors round Perth when I was first at uni in the mid-late 80s, and I still reckon their first album is a great listen. Them and Baby Animals are probably my favourites – but that also reflects who was playing round the pubs when I was going to them.

    Adam, I’ve sent JTH the next version of the pic, hopefully he’ll get it up in a while.

  8. Andrew Fithall says

    If you are looking for a contemporary WA band, try Tame Impala. They too enjoy being played REAL LOUD.

  9. Adam Muyt says

    Dave – LOL You’re having fun. Version 3 is a hoot! Champers splatterd over the cloth – classy!

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