Round 1 – Melbourne v Port Adelaide: Unwiesnable Haste

Swish saw 7/8ths of one of the many MCG day games he is hoping to take in this season. Please excuse his brevity, he’s coming back from a long spell.

Dudley Street Doggies: Hammeroids

Old mate Clem shares his opinion on the Bullydogs Round 1 cartoon jumper. He’s not pleased.

1971 – Vic v SA (MCG): A New Record

The Victorian public’s interest in state football was at an all-time high in June 1971, as both sides were filled with names that resonate to this day. Swish has annotated that game’s Football Record and has obtained some memories from one of the SA participants.

Almanac (Finals) Footy: The Wild Card Weekend

The jungle drums are beating, with rumblings of a change to the time honoured AFL Final Eight that would give ninth and tenth a September sniff. Give us your $0.10 worth.

Inside Football: Docklands Stadium

Nothing speaks to the rank horridness of the Docklands more than the spectacle of Dick Reynolds in a hovercraft, writes Swish.

Almanac Footy History: How To Play Football – Don Roach 1969

Don Roach was an esteemed player, coach and administrator for four decades. To many young eyes, his footy skills booklet was their first glimpse into the sport’s printed world (as shown by the many classic 60s photos herein).

Do You Remember Lying In Bed? A Radio Reminiscence

Swish charts the highs and lows of his radio listening lifetime, from Mel Cameron to The Coodabeens. Did you listen to the radio? That’s what he’d like to know.

AUFC Blacks 1982: Join The Club

Swish came across this Adelaide Uni Blacks new player information sheet from 1982. The secrets to their long-lived success can be found between the lines.

ANFC Carnival: Adelaide 1969

Swish Schwerdt looks at the 1969 Australian National Football Council Championship in Adelaide through the medium of a program. You’ll see. [Great piece – JTH]

AFL 1998 – Twenty Years On: Adelaide Crows (1st)

This Crows 1998 list was meant to herald a decades long domination of footy. It was fun while it lasted.

AFL 1998 – Twenty Years On: North Melbourne Kangaroos (2nd)

Like North did at half time of the 1998 Grand Final, Swish has hit the wall. Help him out with your reflections of the nicer members of this list.

AFL 1998 – Twenty Years On: Western Bulldogs (3rd)

Did the Bulldogs’ 2016 flag start from this 1998 list? Even if it didn’t, tell us what these fellas have been up to since.

AFL 1998 – Twenty Years On: Melbourne Demons (4th)

In: N Daniher (Coach) Up The Ladder: Melbourne.
Was there a more popular Demons list that this 1998 cohort? You tell us.

AFL 1998 – Twenty Years On: Sydney Swans (5th)

Sydney was still part of the top flight in 1998. Which of these faces are household names at your place?

AFL 1998 – Twenty Years On: St Kilda Saints (6th)

The Saints were about to plummet fast two decades ago. How many of these mugshots do you come across these days?

AFL 1998 – Twenty Years On: West Coast Eagles (7th)

The Eagles of 1998 were neither up nor about. A few of these left, some stayed for their mid 2000s revival.

AFL 1998 – Twenty Years On: Essendon Bombers (8th)

Underachieving or over-rated? It depends on the year according to the Footy Record’s 1998 appraisal of the side from Windy Hill. Seen any of these fellas lately?

AFL 1998 – Twenty Years On: Richmond Tigers (9th)

Richmond’s 1998 side was chock full of characters. Seen any of them lately?

AFL 1998 – Twenty Years On: Port Adelaide (10th)

Port Adelaide weren’t immediately successful, but there were plenty of future flag winners in their 1998 list. Who are they now?

AFL 1998 – Twenty Years On: Carlton Blues (11th)

Carlton were on the cusp of something big in 1998. It didn’t last long, did it? Who are these blokes now?