Late 70s Tassie State Teams – Changing Times

Tasmania was not immune to the changing social mores of the late 70s, as these team photos depict. Who went on to the big time, who stayed home but could have been anything?

Round 6 – Adelaide v Gold Coast: Lasting Impressions

Mr and Mrs Swish winged it over to Adelaide for a weekend of footy and North Terrace culture.

Almanac Book Review: The Rules of Backyard Cricket by Jock Serong

Read Swish’s review of Jock Serong’s 2016 Australian thriller, ‘The Rules of Backyard Cricket’.

Footy in Tasmania: Picture This

Some more on Tassie footy – from Swish Schwerdt, first published late last year.

Swish brings us a brief pictorial overview of Tasmanian football in the 1970s, thanks to Ken Pinchin and Allan Leeson’s “A Century of Tasmanian Football. 1879-1979”

Almanac Music: Welcome to the Working Week

Workshy Swish had the day off. His idle hands have produced this playlist that draws parallels with his forty-odd years in the workforce.

Happy Swishmas (The Fairytale of New Work)

Swish delivers his annual review of 2017, an Almanac tradition entering its second year. (If he had a bad burger would he have had an Angus Horribilis?)

Sheffield Shield Teams 1975/76: Mugs Shot

Swish blows the cobwebs off some more of his collection and comes up with team photos from the 1975/76 Shield season. They weren’t called the Ugly Australians for nothing.

Almanac Book Review: Chappell’s Last Stand

Michael Sexton’s latest book, Chappell’s Last Stand, recalls the turbulent events of 1975/76 as Ian Chappell led South Australia to Sheffield Shield success after stepping down as Australian captain.

Almanac Teams: Permanent Fixtures

Swish found this when stalking some of Adelaide’s famed hair-dressing legends recently. What does it all mean?

Almanac Teams: Nelection Sightmare

Swish thinks he’s a smart feller with this squad of spoonerisees. Surely you can do better.

Football The Scientific Way (1975)

Frank Pyke and Ross Smith were Ground Zero when it came to footy sports science. Here’s their truly seminal publication, as exhumed from the depths of academia by Swish.

Dudley Street Doggies – Clem Nips Out To The Shed

Neil Anderson has nominated this Swish account of Clem’s first visit to Etihad as an Almanac Classic. (send your noms in to

Clem makes the trip up Dynon Road to the big shed on Spencer St to see the Doggies for the first time this century. Was it worth the trip to Joe’s of Barkly Street beforehand?

The (Lost) Art of Umpiring

Swish found this 70s SANFL umpiring relic in the bowels of academia. He’s sharing it before it disappears entirely.

1980 State of Origin Carnival – What KB Did Next

In 1980, too much footy was barely enough. Swish gives us this brief account of that year’s NFL State of Origin Championship, held in October.

Retirements, Delistings, Trades: Don’t Dream. It’s Over

The club departures scoreboard is ticking over rapidly. Who will you miss? Who didn’t you even know about in the first place?

Trade Tirades

Jake Lever – $nake in the grass or making hay while the sun shines?

Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: A Week Effort

Swish’s Grand Final week took some surprising twists and turns, but in the end, he couldn’t will his Crows across the line.

Grand Final Edition – The (insert names here) Cups

Our last day in September edition of this now traditional award is named in honour of

Richmond v Adelaide 1993 – Die Hards

1993 was a tough season for Richmond. Adelaide certainly had their measure, Tony Modra kicking 23 goals against them, gloats Swish.

Barry Hall: Dog Act or Top Bloke?

Barry Hall – beat up or beat ’em up?