AFL Round 12 – GWS Giants v Port Adelaide: One step forwards, three steps back

What a waste, writes Giants fan Steve Duffy. What a way to retard your development. At least there’s 2017 to look forward to. (Steve, better ask those Tigers fans how successful those five-year plans normally are…Ed)

AFL Round 11 – GWS Giants v Geelong: A Servant of Two Masters

Much to his own surprise, Steve Duffy has found his enthusiasm for the new team in his back yard, the Giants, eclipsing his longtime devotion to Geelong. But what will he do when they meet? A great piece about the making of a fan.

AFL Round 7 – GWS Giants v Adelaide: Mother’s Day and footy do not mix

Loyal Giants fan Steve Duffy was witness to a mother’s day massacre.

AFL Round 2 – Port Power v GWS Giants: Nerves to Frustration

This one has me nervous, and that doesn’t happen a lot as a Giants fan, writes Steve Duffy.

GWS Giants: a new chapter opens

Many will look at the Giants’ first season and say it was terrible, laughable, a joke and a disgrace from a team nobody wants in an area where people shouldn’t even be allowed to touch a Sherrin. Steve Duffy doesn’t see it that way.

AFL Round 23 – GWS Giants v North Melbourne: A result most unexpected

A beautiful day begins with a trip to the library and the grower’s markets. My wife has to work so will miss the last game of the year. Wayne is moving house, I should be helping, but the footy, gotta take the little fella to the footy (and besides – I hate moving house), so [Read more]

NOT another thumping – quite the opposite in fact

Where do I begin? What a day, what a game. We’ve been hammered in the last month by some of the best teams in the land, chasing not only the win but the percentage needed in one of the tightest seasons in memory. Our young kids have been valiant but have run out of legs, [Read more]

another game another thumping

But at least it wasn’t pissing down today. Actually it was a pretty good day for footy, sun shining, no real breeze, a big win in the magoos  and the young fella due to run out at half time to Auskick glory. All in all a promising start. And ultimately, a pretty much as expected [Read more]

A couple of bright spots in the rain

What a shocker of a day. Not the football – the weather. Usually there is a slight reprieve, for a few minutes at least, before the sky reloads. Not today. It was just a constant downpour. We shared our train from Lidcombe to Olympic Park with vikings, superheroes, blue-haired french maids, druids, zombies and other [Read more]

How Good Was That?

I wasn’t there damn it. We were out, following the fortunes via a little app on constant ‘refresh’; Another good start another first quarter won, after Carlton I knew we’d be in it; we sighed when they kicked six in the second quarter not knowing that we weren’t actually out of the game for very [Read more]

Another game another lesson

Beautiful weather to mark the first (and probably only ever) home game for the Giants at Blacktown. It’s not the easiest venue to get to and the roadworks around the place didn’t help so we caught the train to Doonside and the shuttle bus from there. Our train carriage was a mini demonstration as why [Read more]

at the beginning….

I am ‘nobody’. I am ‘no one’ – and so’s my wife. We have been told daily for the past couple of years that ‘nobody’ wants the Giants; that ‘no one’ will go and watch. We have been told that in one of the largest, fastest growing, most diverse regions in Australia, that there is [Read more]