A couple of bright spots in the rain

What a shocker of a day. Not the football – the weather. Usually there is a slight reprieve, for a few minutes at least, before the sky reloads. Not today. It was just a constant downpour.

We shared our train from Lidcombe to Olympic Park with vikings, superheroes, blue-haired french maids, druids, zombies and other associated weirdness. The announcement over the station PA said that the Sporting Shooters Association was having some kind of meeting nearby.

We’d missed the opening of Skoda against Essendon due to a family commitment so this was our first trip to the new home ground. We found our names on the wall of foundation members, that was cool, and then found our seats – right on the edge of being under cover. We stayed dry for the most part, the row in front of us was not so lucky, but that was full of Tigers supporters so I didn’t care.

No Coniglio, no Giles, no Townsend or Tyson and a late change meaning that there would be three debutants today. Add to that Richmond’s embarrassment at having let Freo win in Melbourne last week and a ten goal win for them would have them leapfrog Carlton on the table. I didn’t hold out much hope.

Three debutants – only one they were talking about though. There is always an air of excitement around the first game of the first pick and this was no different. Jonathan Patton will be a big boy when he grows up.

We didn’t have to wait long either. Midway through the first quarter he took a great contested mark up on the wing and about a minute and a half later a mighty contested chest mark just out from goal. Duly slotted was the first of what looks to be many. Throw in Jezza Cameron with his contested marks and three goals and we have the makings of a forward line that will monster opposition backlines in years to come.

There were some mystifying umpiring decisions for and against both clubs and Richmond’s inaccuracy kept us in it. Our endeavour and hardness at the contest kept us in it too, though I never really thought we’d win it. That was until Jezza kicked his third from a tight angle, not long after Toby Green had kicked his second from the same spot and Richmond began to tighten up. Another debutant, another NSW boy, Sam Shulz,  number 45, kicked his first goal from 45 metres out on a 45 degree angle and there was a whiff of upset in the rain-sodden air – the small crowd found its voice.

Connors kicked a couple of late ones to ensure the result for the Tigers but for once (Gold Coast aside) we were in it right up until the end.

We had played 4 solid quarters, won two of them and didn’t get blown away at any point. The weather was shocking, the Giants weren’t and I know the term ‘honourable loss’ can be a cop out but that’s what we had. Underestimate us at your peril.

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  1. pamela sherpa says

    The Giants sound like they put in a good four quarter effort Steve- I didn’t see any of it so am looking forward to this weekend’s game (via TV). Go GIANTS!

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