How Good Was That?

I wasn’t there damn it. We were out, following the fortunes via a little app on constant ‘refresh’; Another good start another first quarter won, after Carlton I knew we’d be in it; we sighed when they kicked six in the second quarter not knowing that we weren’t actually out of the game for very long; were pleased when the gap got closed in the third.

We managed to get home in time to watch that glorious final quarter unfold live. Only four points down. It was a struggle early, a nose in front (thank you Dylan) time running out, starting to favour us hanging on – and then just bang, bang, bang, bang. How good was that? Treloar, Giles, Cameron, Giles.

The celebrations. Why wasn’t I there damn it? There were people jumping the fence. The part of me that lives in Western Sydney wanted our first win to be here where I could see it, be a part of it. The part of me that was born and grew up in Canberra was secretly pleased the first win happened there even if I wasn’t.

Then the song. I read a comment on a message board “lyric boards? we don’t need no stinking lyric boards.” Sheeds did a Borat; “And we will never surrender!” Harry Angus you’re a genius.

How good was that? Who had money on us not to win a game? Who said playing us was a bye and a guaranteed 8 for those who played us twice? Come forward.

Apology accepted.

Now, let’s get on with next week. I reckon we’re a chance.

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  1. pamela sherpa says

    Glad you could at least tune in Steve. Mark Stevens from the Herald Sun said that playing the Giants was nothing more than a glorified bye .So I hope he has stuck that comment somewhere it hurts.

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