AFL Round 7 – GWS Giants v Adelaide: Mother’s Day and footy do not mix

Mother’s day.

Mother’s day and football do not mix.

And even if they could, they certainly don’t at 1:10pm when I’m sitting down to lunch at my Mother-in-law’s place. A twilight game I might have been able to swing but not lunchtime. The Giants already struggle for crowds – and I’m one of the loyal ones who actually show up. Not today, however, because it’s MOTHER’S DAY.

Stupid, stupid scheduling from the AFL.

I had suggested to my wife that we could tell her mum we’d be at my mum’s for lunch, we’d then tell my mum that we would be at her mum’s for lunch – that way we could go to the footy.

She wasn’t buying it.

So there I was, at my mother-in-law’s place where the cannelloni is served up just as the boys break the banner. I managed to get the TV on in the background because I have to write this report. I shouldn’t have bothered.

We start well but spray them in front of goal. In fact we keep spraying them all day. This is the most wasteful I have seen them. Easy shots go out of bounds or barely scrape in for a point. Only 4 points for the first quarter. Better in the second but just lacking poise in key situations and Adelaide punish us. The bigger bodies just push us aside and take control and in the last half of the second quarter Adelaide just pile it on.

There are some mystifying decisions and non-decisions by umpires and some poor decision making from the young giants. Even the bounce of the ball seems to be with the Crows.

It only gets worse from there on in. It’s a mother’s day massacre.

Jezza does his best with poor delivery and kicks 3:1 on Talia, but he’s a lone hand up there and when it’s not coming in well, well there is little that can be said.

We have made improvements from last year. You can see it in the stats and the scores and the results. Just not today. Today is a bad step backward after holding a then undefeated Essendon last week inMelbourne for almost three quarters.

Lynch kicks 10 and about the only shining light (and it’s a dim one I’ll admit) is that at least Adelaide missed out on kicking their highest ever score.

Not a good day to go to the footy. Not a good day at all.

Don’t get me wrong – my sister-in-law’s cannelloni was excellent, my wife’s Norwegian Kvaefjord cake for dessert, served up during the second quarter, was sublime – it’s just that the footy sucked.

ADELAIDE 4.5 11.8 22.10 29.13 (187)
GWS 0.4 2.7 6.8 7.10 (52)

Adelaide: Lynch 10, Jenkins 4, Dangerfield 4, Kerridge 3, Vince 2, Smith, Mackay, Talia, Douglas, Sloane, McKernan.
GWS: Cameron 3, Ward 2, Treloar, Giles.

Adelaide: Lynch, Dangerfield, Thompson, Reilly, Vince, Jenkins, Wright
GWS: Ward, Cameron, Whitfield, Treloar

UMPIRES Wenn, Hosking, Fisher.

CROWD: 5830 at Skoda Stadium.

Malarkey Medal Votes:
3: Lynch (A) 2: Thompson (A) 1: Vince (A)

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