Almanac Obituary: Vale Dick Custerson

It’s not my normal thing nor the forum to write a Vale for a friend but this transcends friendship and touches the heart of many sporting and celebrity folk

Dick or Dicky was larger than life – not just his stature at 6 ‘4 or perhaps plus a bit and carrying a frame to suit . His prowess on the sporting field can only be described as him genuinely being the bloke to get best clubman or coaches award.

Some 30 years ago I met a young Dicky at Frank Bucks Safari golf day – that year in Portsea and Dick’s golf / despite being Peter McWhinney’s doppelgänger was as good as his footy at Hetherton – so balls sprayed left and right. Dicky and crew, the group in front of us holding up play – decide a close inspection of the tea tree is required whereupon Brer Rabbit pops up and all thoughts of golf balls are lost . Brer leads them a merry chase , four hulking not so sober swingers in pursuit until Brer surrenders.

The sequels of delight and sounds of axemen in the scrub alert us to their chase and four happy blokes emerge five minutes later, Brer in hand. A closer look and Ol Brer soon reveals how four mugs caught him – not blinded by drink but a dose of Myxo has him knackered and he’s got a host of galloping festive seeking flees even old Barnhum would’ve been delighted to see.

I have vivid recollections of the masterful four picking , scratching , cursing and swotting both clubs and flees around the last six holes .

I’ve spent numerous times at charity events – and that’s where this bloke stands tall – events like the Walking Wounded where Dicky would gather some ripping speakers or entertainers through his business ‘A Positive Move’.

Numerous nights doing the ‘Beefy’ tour in early 2000 with Ian Botham, Allan Border, Dean Jones, Max Walker, Wally Lewis and the number whom he associated and touched their lives goes on.

So my Vale is to a bloke who walked sunshine into every room and person that he entered or met.

Sometimes you don’t have to be a sportsman of note to have a lasting impression on the sporting landscape.

I’m sure if there actually is another side Dick’s already organised an event for some cause and has a ripping cause.


Steve Earl


A Fitzroy resident keen on local content sports and the offbeat. Community first, after the good family of course.


  1. Peter Hille says

    Yes a big fellow who made a big impact – well remembered Steve

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