Blue Angels and Thunderbirds fly together: NYC Tribute to First Responders


One of Steve Earl’s St Louisian mates Cmndr Jim Naumann sends him stuff from time to time and is well known in the US naval aviation world.


Whilst it may not be the sport we would normally pen  it must take as much skill, commitment, bravado, and a touch of craziness only the greats in our sports world possess  to be able to get to this level.


Comments to Jim from Rob Wunderlich Jnr had Steve reminiscing of the cigar bar at the Missouri Athletic club –  they all thought he was talking anything but the Queens finest, but after slowing down to a staccato, old mate Jim recognised the inflection having served downunder and adopted Steve and includes him on all things aeronautical such as earlier shots he posted of him flying from an aircraft carrier in the gulf.


So this video is for aero fans, Jim a retired Blue Angels sent their flyover of NYC – some great footage and views with these guys making the task look easy and refuelling easier than the queue at the local on the day before a long weekend where jostling for the last of cheapish juice has men and women wrestle for a vacant bowser, kids scouting the lollie and chocolate aisle with mum or dad wilting to their demands whilst plans of a city escape are hatched and regretted as the roads bottleneck on the way out and way back taking 2 days of the 3 day weekend.


Steve thinks he’d prefer the shitting of pants, pewking in his helmet to ride in the flying machine.


Hope those still stuck at home will enjoy the flight.


PS When Steve first became a land rat he was bedazzled by the intricate details of a pressed metal ceiling in a federation home only to discover that it was a Wunderlich ceiling – wonder if Rob Jnr is a descendant of the masters of pressed metal.


Here is the video  from Jim – ‘flaps down’.



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