Nick Foles’ brave play reminiscent of Ole Miss v OSU

The play orchestrated by QB Nick Foles in this year’s Super Bowl on 4th and 1 had me reminiscing of the Ole Miss v OSU on New Year’s Day at the New Orleans Stadium in 2016.


New Orleans was abuzz in the lead up days in the French Quarter with a sea of blue and orange jerseys – I was with my family and a mate staying at the Hotel Montleone, an historic pub with a novel carousel bar 10 deep like the days of six o’clock closing (I’m not quite that old but have heard talk), with an eclectic mix of footy hungry fans keen on the night’s entertainment.


We’re keen to join the festivities and old mates at the bar suggests that whilst the 80,000 stadium was sold out we’d be able to get a ticket from a scalper if we didn’t mind missing the first five minutes of the game. Old mate was a 30-something country boy from Oklahoma who specialised in bbq rats – we didn’t think it sounded too palatable but he swore by the taste and the size akin to a small dog – sounded like the bloke who’d caught the whopper fish that got bigger every time the yarn was told – so despite his ramblings we set off for the stadium and walked past about 50 scalpers having already been approached in the hotel foyer with scalpers asking for $300  for a $100  ticket – the deeper we went into the heartland the cheaper the tickets became and by the 5 minute mark I’d acquired five tickets in the gods for $150 – the very same $100 seats. So up in the gods – five minutes into the event I’ve chosen Ole Miss as my team whilst my mate went OSU and the family didn’t care as long as there was choc tops, popcorn and corn dogs I couldn’t understand my mate’s choice given we sat amidst a sea of blue Ole Missboys and he’s one out.


None the less Ole Miss had the run of the game and were just as inventive when at the 7.55minute mark of the second term the Ole Miss QB orchestrates a play I recall to this day and came to mind with the Foles and Pederson play.


From the huddle the QB takes the ball and passes deep and wide laterally to a wide receiver(Treadwell) whose opened up space and then launches a cross field pass unexpected that promoted the ball to goal range.


So I’ve been back to the travel agent inspired by the Super Bowl and reminiscing of the Sugar Bowl booking another adventure to the southern reaches of the USA in search of the perfect Po boy, a bar as good as the Parasol and learning a few more words in creole …Mwen Byen.


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