For Justice John Middleton’s Consideration: AFL On-Field Injustices – Real and Perceived

Conspiracies? Andrew Else re-considers some pivotal moments, and calls for justice. (John Middleton, please get involved)

AFL Round 17 – Essendon v Collingwood: Just Another Game

After his pre-game CHAPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEE prognostication came good, Andrew Else stopped counting.

AFL Round 16 – Port Adelaide v Essendon: Never Tear Us Apart

Andrew Else relishes the Bombers win over Port Adelaide. He reckons Kenny Hinkley has more to worry about now than the Adelaide Oval soundtrack.

Easter Uprising Highlights Contrasts Between AFL Variable Pricing and Club Memberships

Andrew Else takes a look at the confusion around ticket pricing that continues to haunt the AFL.

Analysis of AFL Club Memberships Shows That You (Sometimes) Get What You Paid For

AFL Club Memberships? Good value? Outdated? Andrew Else takes a look.

AFL Round 3 : Essendon v Carlton – Rantings from a sugar high

A. Else loves Sunday night footy. With a sprinkling of ‘just desserts’ and ‘sour grapes’ served for afters all along Lygon Street. [Litza and What Else should hire a barn and put on a show, with Tony Robb growling, stage left – Ed]

For richer for poorer; in sickness and in health

Andrew Else pens a passionate and intelligent summary of where his Bombers are at. You can choose your friends, but family and footy clubs are for life.

Perth Test – Day 3: Teeing Off

Andrew Else reckons the poms are all talk and no ticker. At least a moonboot will solve Stuart Broad’s perennial shoe lace dramas.

Adelaide Test – Day 4: One For the True Believers

It was the sort of day’s play that a radio commentator would call ‘engrossing’ or ‘riveting’, when, really, to the un-initiated, it must have been quite the opposite. Andrew Else on the vagaries of commentating and bowling, and why he likes Joe Root (not the same reason as Shane Warne).

Gabba Test – Day 4: Coffee is For Closers

Andrew Else waits through rain, karaoke and John Wayne for our Ashes victory. He lets us know why it was worth it.

AFL Round 21 – Essendon v North Melbourne: Not talking about it

There’s a lot Andrew Else could say about Essendon’s performance on the weekend, about how they’re limping towards the end of the season and about the views of other fans. A lot.

Third Test – Day 2: Video Killed the Walkabout Star

Andrew Else reveals Warner’s thought process (ie. none) before going for the DRS during a glorious day’s play by Australia against the Poms.

First Test – Day 2: Agar the Audacious

It was clear early that Agar knew what he was doing. His early couple of strokes showed a decent technique yet still combined with a cavalier flair expected from a 19-year-old number 11 in his first test.

AFL Round 7 – Geelong v Essendon: Nervous?

It’s all very raw for Bombers fan Andrew Else.

Kids ask the darndest things

Think Jeff Gieschen was flummoxed when Gerard Healy asked him to explain what constitutes a push? Andrew Else can only imagine what happens when a room full of primary school kids wants answers.

AFL Round 5 – Essendon v Collingwood: Pies play ketchup

The Essendon fans are loving their team again, writes Andrew Else.

Second Test – Day 2: Real Time Cricket

Andrew Else was at the G, watching Clarke and Watto doing their Arjuna Ranatunga impersonation – smashing fours or walking singles. Then he was distracted by a curious bit of by-play in the ABC commentary box.

Second Test – Day 3: Happy wife, happy life

“Does your ring feel tighter today?” Andrew Else is asked by his new wife. It’s one of the easier questions he has to answer during the course of the day’s play.

People’s Elbow tribute sinks in mud

This was intended to be a ‘People’s Elbow’ tribute. Or possibly a gratuitous rip-off. It would be filled with short, punchy paragraphs which were frequently humorous and even more frequently vengeful against my own team. There was to be a photo or two, possibly a youtube clip and a lather of footnotes. All of these [Read more]

Blame it on the Train

Like most footballing folk, I was captivated by Friday night’s game between the Tiges and Saints. Again, like most people I spoke to, I had tipped St Kilda. However as the game went on I became caught up in the rollicking juggernaut of fervour that the Richmond fans were generating. As the final siren sounded, [Read more]