AFL Round 3 : Essendon v Carlton – Rantings from a sugar high

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The AFL is taking a bit of a beating at the moment, but let’s give credit where it is due.

Sunday Night Football gets a big tick from me.

Maybe I’m just a bit of a ‘footy head’, but the opportunity to watch a selection of the 150 greatest players to ever represent Carlton (Andrew Carrazzo, Bryce Gibbs, Marc Murphy,  Kade Simpson, Jarrad Waite and Andrew Walker), was simply worth whiling away the weekend for.

Aside from that, I was keen to see how Carlisle would go against Warnock. Having played the role of the undersized ruckman myself, I was interested to see if he would approach it in the same way I did. That is, try not to look too stupid, try not to roll your eyes when your team mates offer such pearls as “why don’t you just jump into him?” and, most importantly, try to show your opponent up as the sort of useless, non-marking, non-kicking plodder that give ruckmen a bad name.

Mission accomplished.

As often happens, the loss of a tall forward made the forward line more dynamic. Given Carlton’s love of back-flankers, it’s amazing to think they couldn’t contain Goddard, Chapman and Winderlich, but by the end of the game even Tony Abbott would’ve been uncomfortable with how Irishman Zach Tuohy was being treated.

Speaking of Chapman, I have to admit feeling a tad queasy about the instant, unconditional and shameless devotion towards him from the Bomber crowd.

Thankfully, I was quick to remind myself that we were playing the ‘we don’t eat bowls of chips because Juddy doesn’t eat bowls of chips’ Blues. Was that the former skipper (Eagles and Blues of course) commenting on Gibbs’ contract on the weekend? Is he going to chat to him about it? How does that conversation go exactly?

Essendon’s youngsters were good again. Martin Gleeson came on as the sub. He’s not skinny, he was just standing next to Daisy Thomas.

Good win. We owe them a few more of those though.

Brunetti’s on Lygon is open late on Sunday. I recommend the passion fruit meringue tart with a sprinkling of Malthouse’s press conference playing in your ear.

Sunday night footy. Nothing wrong with it at all.

About Andrew Else

Andrew has self-reported to this site as a lifetime Essendon supporter. He also played local footy for Lara and Melbourne Uni Blacks.


  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Nothing wrong with sarcastic gloating well done Andrew

  2. andy frame says

    This was one of the games that ESPN broadcast live in the UK over the weekend.
    About half way through the last qtr, a stocky, shiny-pated warrior gathered up the ball and looked – not too hard – to dish off a handball, before turning and snapping the sherrin on all too familiar trajectory though the big sticks.
    And a little part of me died.
    Still love ya Chappy. Go Cats.

  3. Dear Andrew Else. Please launch a coup de tat for the Essendon Chairmanship immediately.

    Your timely reminder of the joy in whupping common foes unites us all!


  4. (I really enjoyed your piece, Andrew). But I’m not allowed to say that out loud, so I’ll type it quietly.
    Then again? My enemy’s enemy……..?

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    “The opportunity to watch a selection of the 150 greatest players to ever represent Carlton”. Gold.

  6. Tone: perfect!

    You and Litza could hire a barn and put on a show. Tony Robb could play the insult role from stage left.

    Very entertaining.

  7. That might just work…

  8. John Butler says

    Ah yes, it’s all fun and games until Coach Narcissus wants the keys to the medical cabinet back..

  9. Hats off Rusty well done. The 150 best player debacle is snapshot of everything that is wrong with our club at the moment. No room for Bosustow (a bit before your time perhaps young fella but won mark of the year, goal of the year, 2 flags and the jug skulling record at Naughtons) because of some bs qualification…

  10. John Butler says

    Wocka, the one that caught my eye was Brett Thornton(!!!!???)

  11. Luke Smith says

    Even as an Essendon supporter I found your piece cruel and unusual until I jumped on the CFC website to discover that the 150 Best Players was their idea, not yours. (Wocka, you’re spot on about The Buzz by the way).

    Running through that list I noticed a player called George Topping whose career ran from 1902 to 1910 before returning for a single game in 1912, two games in 1914 and two more in 1916. Seems he and a South Melb opponent (Streckfuss) were both found guilty and convicted for on-field assault back in 1910. I’d been led to believe that Lethal was the only one.

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