Almanac (International) Football – Andi Dyah: Indonesia’s First Footballer

Rob Spurr brings us the inspiring story of Andi Dyah, ‘Indonesia’s first footballer’, aid worker and humanitarian. From humble beginnings in West Java in the late 90s, Andi’s dedication and determination saw footy grow to the point where Indonesia played in the AFL International Cup less than 20 years later. (Remarkable, totally inspiring – Ed.)

Almanac Life: Our Winter Family

Rob Spurr takes a nostalgic look back to his early days supporting Carlton at Princes Park with family and friends.

Almanac Soccer: The 6 minute game

Back in 2004, Rob Spurr was having the happiest day of his life. Then he decided to go watch a star-studded Real Madrid play, and things took a most unexpected turn.

Maradona and the bird

Rob Spurr shares a story of Diego Maradona’s extraordinary ability to change the atmosphere of a stadium and influence a grand slam winner in his prime, punctuated by dishing out “the bird” to an Australian fan on a fevered whim. [Stupendous but not entirely surprising – Ed.]

Leading from the front: Neil Thompson’s journey

Neil ‘Thommo’ Thompson has a remarkable life story, ranging from over 20 footy clubs (12 of them being guided to flags by Neil) and a few harrowing tales of the Bali bombings and UN involvements. Rob Spurr has been lucky enough to know ‘Thommo’, and has produced a wonderful recount of ‘Thommo’s’ many tribulations [a must-read, this is an amazing story – Ed].

Almanac Life: How to establish footy on a continent (in three parts)

Rob Spurr tells the story of Australian football in Chile and across the South American continent. [Great yarn – JTH]