Would you prefer gold or a flag?

Now that we are in the hiatus between the London Olympics and the main sporting event, AFL finals, my mind has wandered.

Julia met the medal winning troops as they exited the plane and then skipped off when the non medal winners appeared (some politicians would turn up to the opening of a letter to get publicity) so I can only glean that “is medals – is good: is gold – is better”

But is it? What would the average footy punter prefer to have in the trophy cabinet? An Olympic gold medal, or an AFL premiership medalion.

Come on Knackers, be honest.


  1. I could not care less if we won 30 golds. Gimme a flag any day.

    I would be surprised if many voted for Gold at the “Footy” Almanac.

  2. Neil Anderson says

    Nice little moral dilemma for us idle-dreamers to think about on this Wednesday-still-coming- down kind of day.
    The thing that stood out for me as the PM posed with the returning Olympians, was the little bloke on her left who was ready to muscle his way to the front of the pack. I recognized him as the bloke who owned the actual plane and the guy who spat the dummy earlier this year when he grounded his planes, just to show who’s boss. He was tagging the PM so closely I thought, hello, poor old Tim’s been cuckolded!
    Anyway, I thought long and hard about your question for at least two seconds, and the answer is premiership medallions every time! Why? Because I’m a Bulldog supporter. QED.
    I would especially love one from 1997 where where we missed the big dance by a poofteenth. I can still see that image of Libba in the arms of Brett Montgomery as the ball missed the goal by the proverbial bee’s…

  3. flags, lots and lots of flags.

  4. Phantom
    Having a swag of gold from my formative years as elite cribbage player, I would most certainly put my 1985 Premiership medallion on top of the heap. If things go to plan over the next few weeks, the touring party from Canberra and coaching group for the Belco Under 16s might have an another pennant to add to list

  5. If it was me personally winning the Olympic gold, I’d take that every time. Probably reflects my own middle distance running past. And maybe a bit of selfishness.
    Comparing vicarious sporting success, (further) blue & white hooped flags (note the plural) have much more appeal than a swimming or shooting gold to someone I don’t know from a bar of soap who happens to have had the good fortune to have been born in Australia.
    I don’t really get off on the whole armchair patriotic, “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi , oi” rubbish. I’m just as happy to see a well deserved win to a non-Aussie (read Mo Farah and David Rudisha). Probably reflects the period I grew up in athletics (& the Cats’ relative lack of success at that time), that blokes like Steve Ovett & Seb Coe were my sporting heroes.

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