The balmy army sat there calmly well….for just a little while thought they had the old foe down and out so they chanted, yelled and smiled openers smacked the ball around Australia in a pickle but balmy army hadn’t counted on a startling spell from Bichel he used the humps and hit the stumps made [Read more]

Winter of Discontent

by Bill Walker Out east in the leafy eastern burbs, climate change has hit the streets the May bloom buds refuse to burst, there is no winter sweet scattered forlornly on the footpath, scuffed leaves of gold and brown big Jeff’s pulled out his secateurs,  just who is leaving town perfect juicy ripened fruits can [Read more]

Regional Communities and Sport: A Comment

by Bill Walker One only has to only look via any of the plethora of mediums for sourcing, processing and transferring news to see that the basic values and foundations of sport today have been swept up and pummelled by fast and diversely evolving business tsunami. Either through design or chance the status quo has [Read more]

Upset Round

Now that the annual ‘upset Round’ has been completed with football scholars’ throughout the land and possibly beyond, predictions being turned upside down and my geriatric Cats morphed from roosters to feather dusters as quick as you can say Podsiadliwho, I reflect, perhaps because I am upset. Some comment on Anzac Day footy, as the [Read more]

Cricket: Winners are grinners, especially against Victoria

When fluid-enhanced social intercourse among this nation’s sporting experts tackles the subject of great sporting rivalries, the punters often fall for the trap of blinkered vision. ‘Poms and Australia at Cricket’. ‘Waddabout  Kiwis and Australia at Rugby’ ‘Naaar, Collingwood and Carlton,’ and on and on and on. Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish and more rubbish.

General Footy Writing: Wild Cats (Felis catus) take centre route to big kill

Throughout the land fans of at least four footy tribes are all a little excited. Maybe it is just a spring thing but for some it is has deteriorated into a serious nervous affliction. This was worryingly apparent in the weekly words from Cat tragic and fellow ‘Knacker” John Harms in this morning’s Age. Plagues [Read more]

Local Footy: How Wynyard fans made Penguin squawk

By Bill Walker If you believe the catch cry, “A week is a long time in football”, then two weeks must be an eternity. George’s season was over. Payments from his parents and upgrades into “the private ’elf” got him to a specialist in quick time. Day surgery for a re-break and set and he [Read more]

Local Footy: Terrible twist colours the tale of Tom and George

By Bill Walker Tom Hill. Now there’s a bloke’s name packaged by his parents a couple of decades ago without the complication of slipping another in between. Tom played his first senior game for Wynyard last Saturday. Although there were other high-profile “must win” contests, important milestones and sad dedication appearances throughout Australia, Tom was [Read more]

Poetry: A Local Bloke

By Bill Walker A box slips down with a humming sound, faces smile through tears the playing field a memory now, team mates succumbing to years Barney, Rat, Whinger, Knob and Doris from the canteen the team’s all there with silver hair, on a nostalgic crutch they lean a special bloke has had enough, slipped [Read more]

State-level Footy: Clarence player flashes into Tassie footy folklore

By Bill Walker With the current Ute Gate affair taking national headlines away from Tasmania, where a Labor minister recently  fell on her sword simply for employing her mother and two sisters without considering due process, a southern Tasmanian footballer has taken the initiative to steal the headlines back where they belong — and flash [Read more]

Poetry: Why we got beat

  WHY WE GOT BEAT   by W.A.G. Walker   Acky ad an ankle Gazza ad a groin Clarrie ad a corky Herbie ad a hernia. Harry ad a hangover Pete ad piles Dezzy ad a dose Morrie ad a migraine Charlie ad a crucial. Trev ad the tom tits Albie ad a achilles Con [Read more]