Almanac Snooker: A celebration of Ronnie O’Sullivan, the cavalier world champion (again).






Peter Flynn has enjoyed the maverick genius of Ronnie O’Sullivan for a long time.


When Ronnie won the World Championship again – his sixth title) PJF sent us this collection of highlights…




Here is the most famous 147 break:





PJF wrote about this one. Read the piece HERE.




Here’s a famous comeback in a frame against Bingham.





Here’s one of unbelievable positional play and potting:





Here’s Ronnie’s first TV appearance as a 14 year old (in the Cockney Classic):





Here’s Ronnie dealing with an intruder:





Here’s Ronnie winning the Welsh Open with a 147. Note what he does on the black.





Here’s a famous clearance at the 2012 World Championship





There’s some extraordinary shots in this package.





I’ve only scraped the surface.


P. Flynn


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  1. Gavin Thompson says

    Great piece. Cheers.

    So much to talk about Ronnie, where to start….
    I will say though, the best shot I have seen on a snooker table is the last red in the Welsh Open video above against Ding Junhui. In fact the last two reds through to the cheeky black, spinetingling stuff

  2. Gavin Thompson says

    BTW that shot is.. a deep screw.. .with side….. into a blind pocket… left handed! (he’s right handed) and landing perfectly on the black to angle back up to baulk for the yellow.
    And he meant it, he played for it, it did not come from desperation. The whole thing is SO next level, it defies belief.

    I was blessed to be living in the UK and watching live (on TV) on the afternoon the 5 and 1/4 minute maximum happened. (First video above vs. Price). One of the greatest live sporting(?!) moments I’ve seen.

  3. Peter Flynn says

    Onya Gavin.

    An extraordinary visionary.

    A true one-off.

    Glad you enjoyed the chalking and potting down memory lane.

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