The forgotten story of Rex Sellers, the Indian-Australian leg-spinner

“Born in Bombay and raised in Gujarat, leg-spinner Rex Sellers took an unprecedented path to become Australia’s 230th Test cricketer…” [Cracking cast including I Chappell, G Sobers, D Bradman, L Favell, B Simpson… Patrick had this published in today’s Guardian – Ed]

Almanac Soccer: Ulysses Kokkinos – Australian Soccer’s George Best (Patrick Skene in The Guardian)

Another outstanding read from Patrick Skene as part of his ‘Forgotten Stories’ series for The Guardian Australia. The story of former South Melbourne Hellas super-striker Ulysses Kokkinos is the quintessence of the highs and lows of fame.

Almanac Rugby: The Forgotten Story of Cecil Ramalli

Another fantastic read from Almanacker and writer with The Guardian; Patrick Skene. In his latest yarn, Patrick profiles the life of the first Asian Wallaby – Cecil Ramalli. A man who was hard enough to cop everything the All Blacks could throw at him, then cheated death on the dreaded Thai-Burma Railways and the atomic bombing of Nagasaki.

Almanac Rugby League: PNG Hunters are more than a football team

The PNG Hunters are just about to play the Ipswich Jets in he Queensland Cup preliminary final. Patrick Skene explains what that means to the people of PNG. (First published in The Guardian)

Almanac Rugby League – The courageous journey of Ian Roberts (first published in The Guardian Australia).

Your Almanac for the Train: A fantastic profile of Rugby League trailblazer Ian Roberts, the code’s first openly gay player by Patrick Skene

Almanac Rugby League – Aaron Woods: The mummy’s boy with a warrior’s spirit (first published in the The Guardian Australia)

Friend of the Almanac Patrick Skene’s outstanding profile of Wests Tigers, NSW and Kangaroos star prop Aaron Woods in The Guardian. Even if you’re not a fan of League, this is a fantastic sporting read and well worth your time.

Almanac Boxing: Nigel Benn (first published in The Guardian)

Regular Almanac contributor Patrick Skene on Nigel Benn and his work in Blacktown, published in the Guardian.

Rugby League: Olsen Filipaina

Patrick Skene’s story of Olsen Filipaina. [We are working with Patrick to put together a collection of his stories, forthcoming – Ed]

The North West Sydney Hurricanes – first published in The Guardian

Patrick Skene catches up with the North West Sydney Hurricanes who not only play cricket, but will be barracking hard for the Sri Lankan cricket team as they take on South Africa tonight.

The dancing dozen – 12 wonderful fan moments from the Asian Cup

Want an antidote for politics and pessimism? Patrick Skene offers his latest Guardian piece highlighting all the brilliant Asian Cup fan moments off the pitch.

Asian Cup: On supporting Iraqi football

Patrick Skene on the highs and lows of following Iraqi football.

Asian Cup: China awake

Patrick Skene looks at China’s path to tonight’s quarter final against Australia. What has happened in recent times in Chinese football?

Asian Cup: Uzbekistan v China preview

Internationalist Patrick Skene previews tonight’s match.

The golden age of indigenous Australian footy in Victoria (Patrick Skene in the Guardian)

Patrick Skene has had a fantastic debut year as a feature writer both with us here at the Almanac and now he has been picked up by the Guardian. Here’s his latest.

How a Women’s Muslim Aussie Rules Team Stood Tall

Patrick Skene on The Auburn Giants – a women’s Muslim Australian Football team. [Excellent piece, and comments section worth reading as well – Ed]

Redfern All Blacks – Keeping the ball in motion

Patrick Skene watched the Redfern All Blacks do battle with Bondi United, institutional racism and their personal demons. (The most engaging, enjoyable, wide ranging, eye opening, heart warming, provocative piece you will read anywhere this week – Ed.)

They just love their footy

An inspiring tale from Patrick Skene about a rugby league contest of heart, body and spirit between physically disabled teams from across cultures and life experiences. A story full of inspiration and optimism.

Boxing: Happy Birthday Slim


Lionel Rose would have celebrated his 66th birthday on June 21. Patrick Skene tells the story of how he was part of Lionel’s 60th birthday celebrations in Sydney. (An Almanac Classic)

The Magnificent Murri Nine

Patrick Skene is part of a truly memorable day, when an undermanned Brisbane Natives side took on the Diehards from Fortitude Valley. Those there, he says, will remember it forever. [Sport can do this. Super stuff. Ed]

Boxing: East v West as Gyngell squeaks points decision over Packer

Patrick Skene, a very experienced student of the fistic art, applies the wisdom of Sun Tzu, to the Packer-Gyngell stoush. [Beautifully done – Ed]