Almanac Rugby League – Redfern All Blacks: Keeping the ball in motion

Patrick Skene watched the Redfern All Blacks do battle with Bondi United, institutional racism and their personal demons. (The most engaging, enjoyable, wide ranging, eye opening, heart warming, provocative piece you will read anywhere this week – Ed.)

Almanac Rugby League – They just love their footy

An inspiring tale from Patrick Skene about a rugby league contest of heart, body and spirit between physically disabled teams from across cultures and life experiences. A story full of inspiration and optimism.

Boxing: Happy Birthday Slim


Lionel Rose would have celebrated his 66th birthday on June 21. Patrick Skene tells the story of how he was part of Lionel’s 60th birthday celebrations in Sydney. (An Almanac Classic)

Almanac Rugby League – The Magnificent Murri Nine

Patrick Skene is part of a truly memorable day, when an undermanned Brisbane Natives side took on the Diehards from Fortitude Valley. Those there, he says, will remember it forever. [Sport can do this. Super stuff. Ed]

Boxing: East v West as Gyngell squeaks points decision over Packer

Patrick Skene, a very experienced student of the fistic art, applies the wisdom of Sun Tzu, to the Packer-Gyngell stoush. [Beautifully done – Ed]

Almanac Rugby League – From Big Bal to George Benson: a love letter to PNG Rugby League

Patrick Skene enjoys a genuinely meaningful sports experience when he heads to Redcliffe for the PNG Hunters’ first match in the QRL competition. [Great story – Ed]